PCHCS Handbook 2023-2024

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS)—Department of Anesthesia 2023–2024 137 Academic Promotions and Progression The progress of each student through the curriculum requires continuous satisfactory academic and professional performance. The M.S. in Anesthesia is a lockstep program. The sequence of the courses has been thoughtfully determined. Progression from one term to the next is, for M.S. in Anesthesia core courses, based on the successful completion of the courses offered in prior terms. To complete the M.S. in Anesthesia program in the normally scheduled 27 months, students must successfully complete the courses in the time and sequence that they are offered. Students who receive a final course grade of F in any M.S. in Anesthesia core course will not be allowed to progress to the next semester until the course is passed by remediation (core didactic courses only) or course repeat (core clinical courses only). Students who fail to pass course remediation or course repeat at the next scheduled offering will receive an F in that course and will be dismissed from the program. Below are the core didactic courses of the M.S. in Anesthesia program. All courses with the ANES/ANET/ANEJ/ANED prefix and the following ANA 5420 Anatomy PHS 5400 Physiology Below are the core clinical courses of the M.S. in Anesthesia program. ANES/ANET/ANEJ/ANED 5001, 5002 Clinical Anesthesia I, II ANES/ANET/ANEJ/ANED 6001, 6002, 6003 Clinical Anesthesia III, IV, V No student may advance to the clinical year of study without satisfactorily completing all of the requirements for the didactic years’ core courses. In addition, no student may complete the clinical-year curriculum and graduate without satisfactorily completing all of the requirements for the clinical-year coursework. Any student failing a course or failing to exhibit satisfactory professional behavior will be referred to the CSP. (See information regarding the CSP in the Academic Standing section of this handbook.) A student may remediate no more than two courses during enrollment in the program. If a student fails three or more courses while in the program, the student will be dismissed from the program. Retake/Repeat/Remediation The M.S. in Anesthesia program is in compliance with the CSP and Course Remediation policies listed in the student handbook. The following additional policies apply to the program. • Students who do not pass a core didactic course through initial offering or through remediation, will receive a final course grade of F, will be sent to the CSP, and will be dismissed. • Students in the M.S. in Anesthesia program also take courses online. These courses do not offer remediation. A failure in one of the online courses means the course will need to be repeated at additional cost and may delay graduation from the program. Additional tuition will be charged for any repeated course. • Clinical Courses—the following applies to the clinical core courses (ANES/ANET/ANEJ/ANED 5001, 5002, 6001, 6002, 6003): None of these courses can be remediated. If requirements are