CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Health Professions Division 2018–2019 75 Acceptance to an NSU Health Professions Division program does not guarantee that a student with information of a concern will be accepted by clinical training facilities to which they may be assigned. Students enrolled in the NSU Health Professions Division have a continuing duty to disclose any arrest, conviction, guilty or no contest plea, or participation in a pretrial diversion program, or its equivalent, for any criminal offense. Students are required to notify their dean’s office within 10 days of any arrest or subsequent conviction, guilty, or no contest plea, or participation in a pre-trial diversion program,or its equivalent, for any criminal offense. Health Forms Requirements Certificate of Physical Examination Students must have a certificate of physical examination completed by their physician. Forms will be provided to each matriculant as part of the admissions package or can be downloaded from -forms . Students may request that the University Health Service perform these examinations. The University Health Service will make appointments in as timely a manner as possible. The appointments, once made, become an obligation of the student and must be kept. These certificates (whether done privately or by the university) will be placed in an appropriate site. Immunization Requirements Students must complete a mandatory immunization form, which must be signed by a licensed health care provider. The form can be found at . Students in the Health Professions Division may be required to upload proof of immunizations to multiple online portals to satisfy the requirements of their programs and the training facilities where they are assigned. The following immunizations/vaccinations are required of student at the Health Professions Division based on the current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for Health Care Personnel: Basic Immunizations: Every student is required to have had an immunization for, or show evidence of immunity to, the following diseases before matriculating at Nova Southeastern University: Hepatitis B • Both of the following are required: three vaccinations and positive surface antibody titer. (Lab report is required.) • If the series is in progress, evidence of at least one shot must be provided, and the renewal date will be set accordingly. • If the titer is negative or equivocal, the student must repeat the series and provide repeat titer report. Influenza Vaccination Administered annually. (An annual, seasonal influenza vaccine is required by most clinical sites.)