CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Speech-Language Pathology 2018–2019 213 Withdrawal from a Clinical Course/Placement Students in clinical courses are not permitted to withdraw from the placement nor the clinical course EXCEPT on rare occasions. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis and require a written request by the student with accompanying documentation as appropriate and the written approval of the clinical director and the program director or his or her designee and/or department chair. In making the request, the student understands that he or she may not be eligible to repeat the clinical course until a suitable placement has been secured. Incomplete Grades A grade of Incomplete ( I ) is issued only at the request of the student after approval by the course instructor and the completion of the Incomplete Grade Assignment form. The initiation of the process is the student’s responsibility prior to the end of the course. In order to receive a grade of Incomplete, the student must 1. have completed at least two-thirds of the course with a grade equivalency of 80 percent or better 2. complete an Incomplete Grade Agreement form and send it to the instructor Once an Incomplete Grade Agreement form has been submitted and the grade of Incomplete issued, the coursework must be finalized and submitted to the instructor according to the agreed-upon timeline, as outlined on the Incomplete Grade Agreement form. This date can be no later than the last day of the term following the final class date of the course. The instructor will not accept assignments submitted after the date indicated on the agreement, and the student’s grade will be assigned according to the work the student submitted by the due date. An Incomplete ( I ) grade which has not been changed by the official date in the agreement will be converted to an F by the program director or his or her designee. Course Failure Students who achieve a grade below 80 percent will be referred to the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) to review the circumstances which resulted in the referral (see the Committee on Student Progress in the college section of this handbook). Academic Warning Students who achieve a grade between 70–79 percent in a single academic course will receive an Academic Warning . As a result of receiving an Academic Warning , students will be directed to meet with a member of the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) to review the circumstances that resulted in the unsuccessful outcome. The discussion will include identification of areas to target to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes in future courses with the goal of completing the program. Academic Probation Students will be referred to the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) for Academic Probation for any one of the following occurrences: • cumulative GPA falling below a 3.0 • a grade of F in any academic course