2017 UG Commencement Program

48 04-104-17NOM M ace During the Middle Ages, the mace was an effective weapon in battle and also was displayed as a symbol to command order during royal gatherings, religious ceremonies, and university classes. As newer and more powerful military arms were created, however, the mace progressed into a symbol of authority and today is frequently used to lead religious and academic processions. The mace was originally a wooden staff carried by royal messengers as a symbol to preserve order and usher royal functions. The early wooden staff of such royal messengers or lead ushers of ceremonial processions was transformed in the 14th century into an elaborate sterling silver mace. Eventually, in the 15th century, it evolved into a symbol of academic excellence and dignity. T he N ova S outheastern U niversity M ace Before its merger in 1994 with Southeastern University of the Health Sciences, Nova University’s mace bore a sterling silver “nova star” symbolizing the university’s name and mission. Symbolically, Nova University’s “nova star” burned brightly, providing educational enlightenment to the world. Today, a new sterling silver mace highlights the past, present, and future through the inclusion of the original “nova star” representing the university’s past, surrounding the NSU seal. When not in official use, the mace is displayed in the rotunda of the William and Norma Horvitz Administration Building. In Latin, nova means new or innovative. Nova Southeastern University was created to be an innovative educational institution—to take the best of traditional education from the past and mold it to fit the needs of students for today and tomorrow.