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The Office of Innovation and Information Technology, (OI²T),
formally, Office of Information Technologies and Digital Media,
(OIT), is pleased to launch our quarterly newsletter. This
newsletter is to keep you informed about the latest
developments on projects, department’s services, and latest
technology news. One year ago on March 7, OI²T welcomed a
new CIO, Tom West. Under his leadership the department has
under gone a few new enhancements to improve support for
the university as well as expanding with three new divisions,
Project Management Office, (PMO), Information Security Office,
(ISO), and Quality Assurance, Release and Change
Management office, (QARM).
The Project Management Office (PMO) is structured to plan,
manage and control projects by ensuring plans are
implemented on schedule, within scope, and budget. Project
management leadership is responsible for establishing and
implementing best practices for the benefit of NSU in a way
that encourages collaboration, standardization, and overall
improvement in our educational community.
What’s new in OI²T?
The Office of Innovation and Information Technology, (OI²T), has teamed
up with an amazing organization called ITWomen. ITWomen is a
volunteer-based organization dedicated to advancing women in
information technology and related fields here in South Florida, from
Miami-Dade County, Broward and the Palm Beaches.
As a non-profit organization ITWomen’s mission is to provide for women:
• Innovative programs for networking, mentoring and
professional development
• Educational and training informed by future trends in skill
sets and employment
• Increased visibility and recognition for women’s
contributions to technology & engineering
• Outreach to encourage young women in high school to enter
the fields technology & engineering
This partnership will help encourage girls and young women with the
aptitude and desire to strive for a career in the engineering or
technology field.
The Information Security Office is focused on training the NSU
community on security and privacy issues, identifying risks,
and implementing controls to reduce vulnerabilities. The ISO
will assure compliance with organizational, state, federal laws
and provide consulting services to senior business leaders on
trends and best practices dealing with information security risk
reduction and avoidance.
The Quality Assurance, Release and Change management
department is responsible for the planned and systematic
activities implemented in a quality system or projects so that
requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. With the
support of the QARM unit the university is ensured of any risks
or failures that may jeopardize the integrity of the NSU campus
With the collaboration of our new and longstanding divi-
sions OI²T will continue providing superior customer service
and excellent innovative solutions that will lead to significant
improvements to NSU while encompassing the core values for
the president’s 2020 vision. We hope you find this newsletter
beneficial. Please email us at if you have
any suggestions or concerns.
OI²T is making a difference