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Admissions Ambassadors

Visit Campus

When asked, most of our current undergraduate students will tell you that their campus visit had a big impact on their decision to attend NSU. We have a lot of options for you and your family to make your campus visit the best possible.  You may join us at one of our visits that fits your schedule.

We offer Undergraduate Campus Visits Monday-Friday at 10 am and 2 pm, and select Saturday's at 10 am. To register for an Undergraduate Campus Visit, click on "Undergraduate Admissions Visit" below and select the date/time that works best for the whole family, click "Register" at the bottom of that page. Please fill out the registration form as the student, then click "register" to finalize the registration for your visit to NSU.

Your undergraduate visit experience will last approximately two (2) hours. Your visit will start with an admissions presentation given by an undergraduate admissions staff, then a walking tour of campus guided by our Admissions Ambassadors, and end with a personalized meeting with your admissions representative. 

Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk outdoors – our campus tours provide a complete view of our academic and co-curricular facilities, including residence halls and much more!

3301 College Avenue
Horvitz Administration Building
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions directly with any questions by phone at (954) 262-8000 or by email at

 Undergraduate Campus Visit

Select Month:

May 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




10 am Visit for 05-01-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-01-2019

1o am Visit for 05-02-2019
2 pm Transfer Visit for 05-02-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-02-2019

10 am Visit for 05-03-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-03-2019

10 am Weekend Visit for 05-04-2019

Visit Not Offered for 05-05-2019

10 am Visit for 05-06-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-06-2019

10 am Visit for 05-07-2019
10 am Transfer Visit for 05-07-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-07-2019

10 am Visit for 05-08-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-08-2019

10 am Visit for 05-09-2019
2 pm Transfer Visit for 05-09-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-09-2019

10 am Visit for 05-10-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-10-2019

10 am Weekend Visit for 05-11-2019

No Visit Offered for 05-12-2019

10 am Visit for 05-13-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-13-2019

10 am Visit for 05-14-2019
10 am Transfer Visit for 05-14-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-14-2019

10 am Visit for 05-15-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-15-2019

10 am Visit for 05-16-2019
10 am Transfer Visit for 05-16-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-16-2019

10 am Visit for 05-17-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-17-2019

No Visits Offered for 05-18-2019

No Visits Offered for 05-19-2019

10 am Visit for 05-20-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-20-2019

10 am Visit for 05-21-2019
10 am Transfer Visit for 05-21-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-21-2019

10 am Visit for 05-22-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-22-2019

10 am Visit for 05-23-2019
2 pm Transfer Visit for 05-23-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-23-2019

10 am Visit for 05-24-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-24-2019

No Visit Offered for 05-25-2019

No Visit Offered for 05-26-2019

Offices Closed for 05-27-2019

10 am Visit for 05-28-2019
10 am Transfer Visit for 05-28-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-28-2019

No Visits Offered for 05-29-2019

No Visits Offered for 05-30-2019

10 am Visit for 05-31-2019
2 pm Visit for 05-31-2019


What to expect on the day of your visit:

  • Your visit will last approximately 2 hours, consisting of a group presentation given by Admissions staff and a campus tour given by our Student Ambassadors.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk outdoors.

Thank you for your interest in bringing your students to Nova Southeastern University!

Group visits can be requested from September through January.  February through May is our busiest time of year for our admissions team, therefore no group visits will be hosted in those months.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to host group visits for 15-40 people. We pride ourselves on our small and engaging campus tours, and intimate campus visit experience – to that end, we will not be able to accommodate any groups that exceed the 40 guest limit. We try to accommodate large groups, but please be aware that our ability to accommodate requests is dependent on the availability of our Admissions Ambassadors, Admissions Representatives, and space on campus.

We ask for at least TEN (10) business days advance notice prior to your campus visit.

Please email the following information to our Group Visit Coordinator listed below:

Primary Contact for Group Tour

Name (First and Last):


Phone Number (Day of Event):

Mailing address:

Group Information

Group Name:

Brief description of group:

Total number of students and chaperones:

What is the age range of your group?

Choose 2-3 possible dates and times for your visit.

We must also obtain your group’s Certificate of Liability prior to confirming your reservation. Please attach a copy on your email response to request your group visit.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or 954-262-8000.

Issues registering for a campus visit?

If you are experiencing an issue registering for a visit, or a visit says "Full" that you would like to register for, please send the following information to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at

         Date/Time of Visit:
         Student's Name:
         Email Address:
         Home Address:
                  City, State, Zip:
         Cell Phone Number: 
         Intended Major:
         Graduation Year:
        Number of Additional Guests:

Campus Visit Contact

Jessica Perez
Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions - Campus Visit Experience

Office: (954) 262-8111Cell: (954) 257-1840

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