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Dual Admission – Criminal Justice

Bachelor's Degree and Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

A dual admission program in criminal justice is available for freshmen and transfer students. Criminal justice is the study of the legal rules of court procedure, police history and procedure, criminology, and the use of corrections as a means of rehabilitating convicted criminals. The study of criminal justice can give the undergraduate student a richer understanding of the structure and process of how laws, police, courts, and corrections all interact to work as a collective whole. The Bachelor's degree in criminal justice will provide the student with a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system and insight into how its various components interact. Criminal justice is a career-oriented major focusing upon the inter-relationship among crime, the criminal justice system, and society as a whole. As such, there are many potential career opportunities for a student studying criminal justice. The following list represents some of these opportunities: municipal, county or state police officer, Federal law enforcement officer, court administrator, juvenile court counselor, correctional administrator, probation officer, law, pre-sentence investigator, private security officer or investigator, parole officer, social worker, criminal justice educator or researcher.

An alumni tuition discount is available to all students who enter the master’s program after receiving their undergraduate degree at NSU; this can save a student 20% on graduate tuition.

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Bachelor's Degree (Any Major)
Master of Science in Criminal Justice 

Years to Complete 4+1 year (30 credit hours)
Preadmission Interview Yes (Shark Preview Weekend)

Winter: November 1 

Fall: February 1

Undergraduate Admission Requirements
High School: GPA 3.0 weighted
Freshman: ACT/SAT 21 composite ACT or 1080 total SAT
Transfer: College GPA 3.0
Major / Course Reqs. Any bachelor's degree, prescribed program prerequisites will be communicated upon admission.
Cumulative GPA 3.0
Minimum Credits 50 credits at NSU, 30 upper division
Degree Required Yes
Graduate Application Yes

Final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the receiving college.

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