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Tutoring Services Appointment Policy

Tutoring appointments, offered by the Tutoring and Testing Center (TTC), are 45 minutes long and should be scheduled in advance, either in person or by phone. Walk-in appointments are acceptable, but not recommended because a tutor may be unavailable. Keep in mind:

  • Undergraduate students can schedule up to three appointments per course, per week. 
    (ex: three for BIOL 1300 and three for MATH 1030)
  • Undergraduate students can have no more than two tutoring sessions on any one day. 
    (ex: two on Monday and two on Thursday) 
  • Undergraduate students can have no more than five tutoring sessions in any given week.
  • Appointments for the same course can be made only one at a time. 
    (ex: Student cannot make two MATH 1000 appointments at the same time.)
  • Students who cannot keep a tutoring appointment must cancel at least three hours prior to the scheduled appointment. 
  • Both “late cancellations” (canceled in fewer than three hours) and “no-shows” (not showing to an appointment) will result in a one-point penalty. If the student accumulates three points, tutoring services will only be provided on a WALK-IN basis for the remainder of that semester.
  • Students who are late for an appointment may receive tutoring for the remaining scheduled time.
  • Students should come to tutoring sessions with all necessary books, notes, and reference materials, and be prepared to ask specific questions.
  • Students are discouraged from bringing children to tutoring sessions.
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