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2018 Town Hall Student FAQ

Every Year for Graduation can we please get signs placed to tell people which garage their in and possibly directions to the UC?

The Library Parking Garage is the designated parking area for Graduations (mass emails have gone out to Faculty, Staff and Student with maps). There are colored A-frames posted on the garage entrance/exit corner indicating guests they are parked in the (colored Frame) LRITC Parking Garage. Arena Management has placed Arena flags pointing guests to the Arena. There is also an A.D.A. parking sign in front of the Rosenthal Lot for A.D.A. guests parking

With Title XI now in effect, will a workplace violence program be coming? I have witnessed student workers face abusive supervisors who not only mock their accents & culture but also have thrown items at students. International students made fun of for being pregnant or not understanding a word in English. One international student tried to receive help from two managers with no action taken. This student felt they had no other course of action & moved back home, abandoning their education at NSU. The lack of action from management & the employee’s actions are direct violations of our core values. Further inaction from NSU just encourages this horrible behavior. A bad employee is a lot easier to replace than a good student. Please help.

According to the University Title IX Coordinator: Training was provided to all employees last semester that focused on sexual harassment but included other forms of inappropriate conduct. If an employee witnesses or otherwise learns of misconduct, they should report that. -To HR Contact/HR, the hotline (888-609-6682), or department head -To Title IX Coordinator if it relates to sex discrimination, including pregnancy concerns Additional resources or referral sources for students: -To review resources available specifically for International Students – the international affairs office -The staff in the International Affairs office are available to discuss questions & concerns, as well provide resources to international students. If the student would like to file a discrimination/nonacademic grievance: Contact Dr. Alexis Martinez ( Additional information is also available in the NSU Student handbook regarding the processes available to students. Confidential resources that students can utilize in assessing how they want to proceed/if they want to report: Henderson Student Counseling Center University Park Plaza 3440 South University Drive Davie, Florida 33328-2003 Tel: (954) 424-6911 or (954) 262-7050 Fax: (954) 424-6915 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week) GA for Counseling Services 3301 College Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796 Tel: (954) 262-7052 or 800-541-6682, ext. 27052 Health Care Professionals NSU Student Medical Center 3200 South University Drive Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33328-2018 Tel: (954) 262-1262 NSU Psychology Services Center Maltz Psychology Building 3301 College Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796 Tel: (954) NSU-CARE (678-2273)

Can we have a short term parking spot in front of the Terry Building?

As requested at the HPD Town Hall meeting we have added a “Loading and Unloading; 15 minute” parking space in front of the Terry Administrative Building.

The recovery process in Puerto Rico campus has been slower than expected. Some study rooms are unavailable, students lounge is not ready, some computers and classes room are not done with repairs, in addition the research laboratory is not done yet for some of us is really disappointing the slowness with which the issues are being addressed. We haven't seem workers or any progress in the repairs since mid-December. As students, we have no updates from pharmacy staff since they also don't know about the status of repairs. This need to be addressed promptly.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of construction materials available in Puerto Rico and in many cases we are waiting on them to be shipped from the U.S.A. This situation is causing the delay in completing much of the work that needs to be done throughout the campus. The Office of Facilities Management at Nova Southeastern University is constantly in contact with the Puerto Rico Campus Director’s office so students are invited to stop by the campus administration offices on the third floor to receive updates. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that the campus is 100% back to normal as soon as possible.

Why does NSU offer programs to undergraduate and graduate students with different start dates knowing that by the time they are done, they will not be able to graduate until 5+ months later?

Students graduate whenever they complete the requirements for their degree (plus filing all the paperwork and requests). However, the Commencement Ceremony is only held once a year. The Ceremony is not the graduation date for a student.

Nova is a great school. The most diverse campus I have ever been to. It is great that you give opportunities to minorities to further their education, it is also true that the cost is leaving most of us deep in debt. Personally, although in my second year, I am still unable to take 2 courses a semester. As a female, minority, sole breadwinner for my family of five, and paying over $1200 per credit from pocket, because my immigration status does not qualify me for any scholarships, the struggle to make it through one semester is real. My question is, what would it take to make and keep tuition affordable for us? Are there other options besides increasing students' costs? Also know that minorities are the hardest to have loan refinanced later.

Tuition rates vary by academic level and program. Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) tuition and fee rates are designed to cover the costs of operating our academic programs to best educate our students. As a private not for profit university, the majority of NSU’s operating budget comes from tuition payments, unlike public institutions that receive a significant portion of their budgets from government appropriations. The university has worked to contain tuition rates while continuing to provide a high quality education experience. In order to assist in stabilizing tuition rates and increasing scholarship and research opportunities for students, the university has embarked upon the Realizing Potential capital campaign. Realizing Potential is NSU’s first comprehensive philanthropic campaign, which aims to raise $250 million. One half ($125 million) of the campaign goal is slated to fund scholarships and other essential resources that enable the university to attract and retain exceptional students, provide opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds, and offer advanced experiential and applied learning opportunities. Another $300 million will be garnered through sponsored research, service, and training projects. The university’s cumulative goal is to raise more than half a billion dollars by 2020. As of November 29, 2017, the campaign has raised $222 million. Diversity is very important to our university because it significantly enriches the learning environment. The NSU community recognizes and embraces the multitude of benefits gained through diversity. NSU prides itself on being a welcoming community. In fact, Diversity is one of the university’s Core Values. For this reason, all entering undergraduate students are eligible to apply for competitive institutional scholarships (i.e., Deans or Razor’s Edge scholarships). NSU also has a scholarship and a debt management department whose team members are available to meet with individual students in person or by telephone. You are encouraged to contact the financial aid office for more information.

I will be unable to attend any meetings in person and will likely be unable to attend virtually, due to my clinical rotations for the AA program. Which brings me to my question/request. The Henderson Center counseling services have been a big help for me and others in CHCS programs. Our programs nearly all require that we do some travel for clinical experience, but when I tried to schedule a remote session they seemed totally unprepared to offer that (either by phone or video chat). Remote counseling does require different privacy consents, etc, but is increasingly common. Can you please help ensure that the Henderson Center gets the resources necessary to offer this to those of us traveling far and wide while in stressful programs?

  •  If a student is known to Henderson Student Counseling Services (HSCS), if needed and/or requested, any student that leaves the area for clinical is able to do scheduled phone sessions with their counselor. Please note, there may be exceptions made if the student’s issue of concern is suicidality.
  • If the student is not known to HSCS, and has not yet gone on clinicals out of the area but is leaving shortly, we will ask them to come in for the initial assessment to determine if they would be eligible to participate over the phone while away. If so, then scheduled phone sessions could take place.
  • Any student that is participating in clinicals, and is in proximity to any Regional Campus, is eligible to participate in continuing services via the video counseling location on every regional campus.
  • If the circumstance does not fall into one of the scenarios previously listed, it will be looked at individually to determine the best available options for supporting the student.

 HSCS’ strives to meet the needs of any student needing counseling services. If I am told about a student, like the one who sent the original email, while I may not be able to let you know that we have knowledge of that student, we would make every attempt to contact the student to reconcile his or her concerns.

Nova prides itself to be a non-smoking campus, but in recent times smoking has been becoming a nuisance especially with E-smoking. Is there an active enforcement going on with this policy, if not, what is going to be done to ensure that the campus(s) remain smoke free?

Our institutions policy outlines that smoking and tobacco use are prohibited in all campus facilities and on all university property and other property owned or leased by the University with no exception; this includes the use of an electronic cigarette or any other device intended to simulate smoking. Public Safety has been designated as the reporting agent for all violations of the smoking and tobacco free policy. As such, this team establishes contact with violators of this policy to determine their organization affiliation, to communicate the policy, to document the incident and to share these findings with the appropriate University office for compliance management. Enforcement procedures and corrective actions will be in line with any other violation of student or employee policy. If a tobacco/smoke free policy violation is observed by a member of our campus community, please report it immediately by calling Public Safety at (954) 262-8999.

The Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library is not currently equipped to accommodate the entire HPD student body due to its lack of outlets and seating arrangements. The number of study rooms in the annex has also been reduced because most of the rooms are being reserved for the incoming MD class. As a result many of the students from HPD have resorted to studying in other areas on campus, one of them being the library in the Law school building because it is the only one with extended hours. During our finals week medical students were being singled out and kicked out of the law library. Is this acceptable? Seeing as we all pay tuition for the facilities at Nova shouldn’t we all be able to equally share its facilities?

The Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library and its Annex in the Assembly 2 building have recently undergone some renovations.

We apologize for the inconveniences this year during this transition.

Unfortunately, with over 6,000 HPD students the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library will not always be able to accommodate all of the HPD student body. 

We do, however, hope that our recent renovations have increased our available study space and made these spaces more comfortable.

In 2017 we have added two (2) more total HPD Study Rooms and increased the available study space in the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library reading room by 1,720 sq. Ft.

Assembly 2 Building

  • 13 Study Rooms
  • 24/7 open study hours during the semester
  • Computer Lab on the 2nd Floor open 24/7 with Shark ID Card Access

It is true that the Assembly 2 building has been renovated to accommodate more classrooms and offices for the incoming MD School.

We have also moved the HPD Computer Lab to the 2nd floor.

The available study rooms in the Library Annex of Assembly 2 has been reduced to thirteen (13) Study Rooms.

Fortunately, these study rooms are also the rooms used for our 24/7 Hours during the semester. 

We have found that thirteen (13) rooms are sufficient for the 24/7 and Late night hours.

24/7 & Late Night Study Rooms in the Library Annex of Assembly 2 will continue to be available in the upcoming semesters

 Assembly 1 Building

  • 7 New Study Rooms

We have added seven (7) brand new Study Rooms in the central hallway of the Assembly 1 building.

Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library

  • 30 Study Rooms
  • Enlarged Reading Room - Increased legal person capacity and gained 1,720 square footage of available seating space.

We have added ten (10) brand new study rooms in the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library.

All combined this equates to adding two (2) more total Study Rooms to the Library’s available spaces.

We have also move much of our Print collections to an archive space in the Alvin Sherman Library.

This has freed up an additional 1,720  sq feet of floor space in the main Library Reading room. 

This study space has been fitted with additional electrical outlets.  And new furniture will be arriving soon.

We have also added four (4) additional exit doors (as per fire code) so that we could increase our legal total person capacity.

Why are there armed security personnel at the Puerto Rico Campus? Also, they park at the students parking lot, taking space from us, which is already limited.

Yes, a decision was made to have an armed security guard to protect the property in San Juan after hurricane Maria. We will continue to assess this decision. The security personnel has always had parking spots at the campus. After the storm, they have one additional spot as we have more security personnel assisting with giving out water and supplies to our students; thus, we requested more security personnel to assist us.

I have a deep concern as to why there are not AUTO/ADA doors at the entrance of the HPD building? Now would be a good time to put them in since there is already so much construction already going on in the building.

The Health Professions Division has the following automatic door operators currently installed throughout the facility:

  1. Terry North sliding doors – set on always open.
  2. Dental
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Ziff
  5. Assembly II North Doors.
  6. Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Main Doors.

In addition, our architects are working on proposing additional/future automatic doors as part of new construction projects for the following areas:

  1. Breezeway between Assembly I and Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library/Lab East and West Doors to assist with Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Night Owl.
  2. Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library/Lab Main Doors near Juice Blends.

This is something that we look at during any renovation/new construction to ensure we meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff.  We are always open to suggestions from our NSU community.

Two months after hurricane Maria our water fountains are still out of service. Some of us rely on bottled water at home, and at campus also. We still don't know why the fountains are out of service, as the campus administration has never been forthcoming with the information. Why are the fountains out 60 days after the storm?

At this time, the water in Puerto Rico is not yet safe to consume. NSU has coordinated a number of FedEx shipments from main campus to include perishable items, water and other supplies to the campus. Water has been distributed to students on a daily basis and currently, regional campus administration along with business services are working on establishing a regular bottled water shipment from a local vendor.

In addition to this, NSU is working on installing 2 water filtration units that are expected to be in place early next week and located on the 3rd floor. A similar unit already exists on the 4th floor.

The university is being cautious as we feel that the water coming into to the business complex where the campus is located might not be safe to drink. NSU facilities is working with the campus administration in Puerto Rico to install water filtration units so that students could have safe drinking water ASAP.

I am a long distance student who incurs extra expenses for RI (in addition to already high tuition costs).Can NOVA offer affordable residential accommodation for us during RIs in fall and spring?

The Office of Residential Life and Housing traditionally provided housing for students visiting campus for Residential Institute and it was a delight to host these students on campus. However, with the growth of the undergraduate population we have had to triple and double rooms resulting in the inability to host visiting RI students during the academic year. The Office of Residential Life and Housing works with RI students in identifying local affordable hotels.

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