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2016 Town Hall Meeting Q&A

Student Questions

Per the President’s request at the recent Orlando Town Hall meeting, Facilities installed speed limit signs in the parking lot last week.

 In addition, I am waiting to receive updated quotes breaking out the security/camera installation by priority. Finally, Facilities has enlisted Walker Parking Consultants to help us navigate the necessary municipality approvals to install gate arms to section off the parking lot.

In response to the question regarding health initiatives for students, below is our calendar of events for the winter 2016 semester.  I have also attached some sample flyers.

The purpose of our Wellness programming is to help educate and raise student awareness on a wide variety of wellness related topics.  We strive to touch all of the wellness "dimensions" to include Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, and Environmental. More details can be found at our website,

We identify each Wednesday as, "Wellness Wednesday" and you can be sure there will be a related event or program each week. We aim to move the events throughout the campus so to reach a larger student demographic. We also recognize national awareness month issues such as Breast Cancer, Nutrition, Healthy Heart, and beyond!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to advise you on this. Please let us know if there are any questions!

A shuttle service requires a minimum number of riders to make the service financially viable. At this time, we don't feel the Palm Beach campus would have enough ridership to justify these expenses.

As we expand our residence halls we have considered the idea of having ‘Greek Lodges’ within one of our residence halls.  This would be based on interest and demand from our existing organizations.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out and providing your feedback.  Student and guest comfort is very important to us; we will evaluate, and adjust as needed, the music sound level at the locations identified in your email.

Additionally, we regret that you are having issues with NSU WIFI services and apologize in advance for these challenges. We strongly recommend that you not use the Guest WIFI network. The Guest WIFI is intended casual use only. Guest has bandwidth rate limits in place, requires users to re-login every 2 hours and has no access to intern NSU information resources. Please consider logging in to the new 1NSU WIFI which now uses your NSU user ID and Password to authenticate you. It's easy, fast, does not drop after 2 hours and has rich access to internal NSU information resource. We have no control over control over Broward City wireless, so can’t help there. However, we have invested in excess of a million dollars over the last year in upgrading to the fastest most reliable WIFI we can buy for students, faculty and staff.

The hours of operation of all of NSU Libraries are established based upon usage patterns. Circulation statistics and entry numbers are collected to provide data upon which to develop the regular schedules of the libraries.  During times of midterm and final exams, all libraries extend the hours to allow students to have more time in the libraries.  The decision to close on Friday nights at 9 pm is based upon the usage of the libraries.  Circulation of materials is very low during the early evening hours. Those using the libraries in the evening hours on weekends use the buildings for study hall purposes, rather than for information services.  To satisfy the request for extended study hall hours, we developed Night Owl Study. The Assembly II building is open 24/7 for NSU students only. The room is locked and secure.  It has a capacity to seat 136 users.  We have found that the usage of this facility has not exceeded its capacity on Friday nights.  Additionally there are 351 seats in the HPD Café as well as 61 seats in the 2nd floor student lounge in HPD.  It is felt that there are a sufficient number of study spaces throughout the HPD building to satisfy the needs of those who wish to study on a Friday night at 9 pm.

Unfortunately, we are unable to include sorority/fraternity dues as part of tuition.  Dues are not considered as an allowable charge for educational costs and they are not applicable to all students for educational purposes.   

The Leadership of the College of Health Care Sciences and the other colleges thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  We are fully aware of the concerns you have raised and are diligently working to ensure that no student from our PA programs or and any other program is disenfranchised in any way by any present or future ventures.

The issues related to opening an evening and drop off center are numerous and include the following:

Drop off care would inconsistently add to the number of children in the center and be outside the scope of licensing and accreditation regulations.  The Mailman Segal Center focuses on early learning, developmentally appropriate education, research, best practices, and parent support so drop off care would not be consistent with our mission.  Additionally, in order to maintain an evening program we would have to employ staff and an onsite director which would result in prohibitive costs for families.

There are, however, opportunities for students, faculty and staff to register for our regularly scheduled early childhood programs and clinical services.  Please contact the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development for program and registration information at: or 954.262.6914

Immunization requirements for HPD students are handled by each college’s student affairs representative. These individuals are responsible for collecting immunization documentation.  In addition, Housing also requires this documentation for students who live on campus. Regarding the online immunization waiver suggestion, I recommend that you forward this request to Irv Rosenbaum and Brad Williams for a response since their areas are closely involved with immunization requirements for students.

In an effort to increase our sustainability with regard to water consumption for grounds maintenance, we have significantly reduced the irrigation run times and only run when necessary, which has minimized water consumption across the University. Additionally, in partnership with the Town of Davie, we are utilizing reclaimed water to minimize the impact on our local utility as better stewards of the environment.

With respect to landscaping materials and plants, when practical, we select low to no maintenance landscaping material. This effort reduces the water requirement/consumption, as well as the grounds maintenance upkeep reducing our use of fuel.

For the area around Parker Science, which I believe Alexandra is referring to, there are (4) areas that have been designated for different purposes:

  1. Medicinal Gardens – Maintained by Dr. Carsten Evans to showcase species of plants that can be used for medicinal purposes.
  2. Mesozoic Gardens – Maintained by Dr. Charles Messing to showcase the evolution of plant species.
  3. Experimental Plant Area – Maintained by Dr. Venkatesh Shanbhag, who is experimenting with different soils and their effect on different plant species.
  4. Student Nature Club – Students maintain this area and utilize local native plant species.

With over 15 dining units spread out across campus, Shark Dining understands that our students are always seeking new and different food options that are nutritious, affordable, and convenient.  In addition to the daily variety offered in these locations, Shark Dining offers monthly events in the Don Taft University Food Court that include themed dining and fun entertainment. The Food Bar location in the Food Court is designed to provide flexibility on a daily rotation, with cyclical menus offering Asian, Latin, American, and Italian cuisine as well as other chef-made options that are cooked to order. In the near future this semester, Shark Dining will conduct a Student Choice survey that will gather valuable feedback for the upcoming planning of new food concepts on campus. 

We understand that parking around campus can sometimes be frustrating when we can’t park exactly where we’d like to.  In relation to the HPD parking garage and the new CCR building opening up soon, we understand that finding a parking spot in the HPD garage will be more difficult.  However we seem to often times have many spots left open on the 5th floor.  In addition to this when the south side surface lot was removed for the CCR building a new surface lot was placed on the north side of the garage to make up for these lost spaces.  The long term parking solution involves an expansion of the HPD garage, in the meantime there are plenty of parking spaces across the street in the new West Garage.  There are even spaces there that are reserved for HPD staff.  Even though this garage is across the street, it is still relatively close to HPD, but as noted there is no covered walkway. 

As far as the 2nd part of the question, the portion of the walkway not covered must be that way in order for us to receive deliveries to that HPD loading dock area.  If the covering was up high enough to get the largest delivery trucks in it would not really offer any covering for the pedestrians.

All students will have access and opportunities to be involved in the new hospital.  

The Administrative Law hearing about the new hospital was completed Christmas week. The judge has said he will give his opinion sometime late this month (January) or in February.

If that is approved, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), will authorize HCA to proceed with relocating Plantation General to our campus. 
It will take 2.5 years to build the hospital after approval. 

If the Administrative Law Judge’s opinion is negative, we start all over again. 

Facilities Management worked very hard with the Department of Transportation and the Town of Davie for several years in order to get constructed the new traffic light and pedestrian crosswalk at that location.  This was done not only as a traffic measure to more efficiently move the vehicle traffic into and out of our campus at that location but to provide a safe regulated pedestrian crosswalk for our students living in the apartments across the street to use to come here. The street itself however is not NSU property and therefore we have no ability to legally place a Public Safety Officer or AlliedBarton Security Officer at that location to direct the students to the safe crosswalk area.  These HPD students are adults, not juvenile school children and therefore understand the consequences of illegally crossing the street or impeding the vehicle traffic.  This also goes for the students and staff members that illegally cross University Drive from HPD to access the restaurants across the street, when safe crosswalks have been provided.

The new Sharkmedia site includes documentation for all 3 groups, faculty, staff, and students.  However, thank you for your suggestion about having a separate breakout just for students!  We will have this available immediately.  In the meantime, please see the documentation that went out to all NSU constituents

Take a bite out of your digital content with SharkMedia!

As part of OIIT's continuous improvement and innovation, we are migrating all Tegrity users into a new state-of-the-art platform called Kaltura (MediaSpace), which will be referred to as "SharkMedia" with its associated tool set (CaptureSpace). While exploring the "open seas" with your new tool, you'll notice some of the following benefits:

  • Store your media in your own private repository, and publish it across multiple platforms for consumption including Blackboard, the SharkMedia website and SharePoint (coming soon).
  • Secure Media files – the only people who can view your media are those that you authorize.
  • Faculty can quickly integrate digital content into Blackboard.
  • Digital media usage analytics.
  • Provides students an easy way to submit digital media to instructors via Blackboard.
  • On July 1, 2016 storage will be unlimited.

Faculty and staff training will be offered continuously starting in January, 2016. Topics covered during the training will include:

  • Uploading and storing media in the online repository.
  • Creating a video using a webcam and microphone.
  • Modifying a video using the tools in SharkMedia.
  • Finding and embedding videos in Blackboard using the mashup tool.

Visit our resource page at for help. For more information please contact Strategic Support Services (SSS) at 954-262-0777, or submit a ticket.

3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796
(954) 262-0777 • Fax: (954) 262-2355

The issue has been on our radar as Public Safety began addressing this most recent issue with Davie Police on October 14, 2015. We have been performing traffic calming measures with the Police and have successfully identified some of the culprits. Public Safety’s efforts are on-going and now coincide with the University School arrival and departure traffic, which is when we seem to be having the problem.

At Shark Dining, we pride ourselves on maintaining flexible menu options to accommodate the ever-changing dietary requirements of our students at NSU.  Attached is a brochure that was designed to help students to plan their meal options.  There are vegetarian selections, as well as other healthy choices, available at every dining location on campus.  This fall, we opened the expanded JuiceBlendz in the Don Taft University Center, renamed JuiceBlendz Café. It was a direct result of student requests for additional healthy options.  Students who are still unsure of, or not familiar with, the various options available to meet their dietary needs are always welcome to meet with Shark Dining management and our chefs, who can prepare specialized meals for them.  If interested in meeting one on one, please email Jason Fitch, Chartwells’ resident district manager at

On the first Wednesday of every month, beginning in January, Shark Dining will start a new series called “Dining with the Directors.” This program will provide students with the opportunity to dine with the management team at a different location each month and provide valuable feedback. Additionally, students will learn about special events and other upcoming features and offerings from their dining services.  Students who wish to participate in this exciting, new program should reserve their spots by emailing Jason Fitch at

For a list of Vegetarian and Vegan Highlights please visit our website at:

We are consistently reviewing the growing needs of the wireless infrastructure for the university. We have made significant investments in our wireless infrastructure over the past few years and will continue in order to support the growing needs of our students and faculty. To put the infrastructure in perspective, we support over 12,000 clients on our wireless infrastructure simultaneously. In order to assist with the support process, we will work with our Student Support team and provide training in an effort to provide greater first call resolution. We will also work with other teams who have resources within the buildings to assist when needed. If we cannot resolve at first call, then we have the ability to go back to our logs that are being collected to assist us in troubleshooting and provide a resolution.

We understand how important wireless is becoming and will continue to improve where we fall short.  Our goal is to give our students and faculty the very best experience while at our campuses. As an OIIT organization, we will continue to innovate and discover new ways to make the student experience the most reliable. 

In the coming months, you will see some changes to the way you connect to the wireless network throughout the University. We will move to a more secure network using your University user account. This will give you the ability to move from device to device without advising anyone of your MAC address.

The problem described below is a faculty training issue.  Blackboard has a date management tool which allows the faculty to change dates on assignments, quizzes and syllabi in a dashboard format.  Although faculty gain access to their courses three weeks prior to the start of each term and receive several communication reminders for start of term tasks including time sensitive updates, sometimes this critical task is overlooked by the instructor.  As a possible solution, we will include/emphasize this information in the required faculty certification course.  Additionally, we will place a focus on the date management tool in the weekly Tech Talk communications at the start of each term.

Thank you for your question about the Honors College. The Honors College seeks to create a community among highly motivated, academically talented undergraduate students. Leadership and engagement opportunities are an important part of the College mission.

Students in the Honors community participate in a series of curricular and co-curricular programs and have opportunities to meet campus and community leaders. In addition, forums with leaders of graduate and professional programs create unique experiences for students. Finally, the Honors College hosts the Distinguished Speaker Series – bringing national/international leaders to campus.

Students are always encouraged to offer recommendations for these programs. Students are particularly active through two student groups in this regard: the Honors Advocates and the Honors Student Association.

The Honors College Dean Strives to be accessible and responsive to suggestions that enhance the Honors student community – and welcome specific ideas.

The Health Professions parking garage receives a lot of daily traffic and as such is subjected a fair amount of “wear and tear”. In addition, the construction of the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) building next door has introduced more dust to the parking garage. Facilities will be performing a thorough cleaning of the parking garage once the CCR building is in the final stages of completion. Physical Plant has also instituted a preventive maintenance program with regular inspections of the speed bumps and parking stops. Below please find a summary of recent cleaning and repairs that have been performed on the HPD garage in the recent months:

November 2014

Repaired and replaced 27 speed stops  also reinstalled 60 parking stops. 

December 2014

Power washed all stairwells and elevator landing and powered swept all floors in garage. 

 February 2015

Reinstalled 18 speed bumps  

 March  2015

Removed 6 broken  speed bumps  

 March 2015 (second time)

Physical Plant removed 4 broken speed bumps. 

May 2015

Relamped existing light fixtures throughout the garage.  

June 2015 

Power washed all stairwells and elevator landings.  

August 2015

Will Power sweep 1st floor  parking garage and pressure clean all floors

August 2015

Work to begin on recladding the elevator doors on all floors of the parking garage.

**Currently there are Preventive Maintenance work orders for parking garage inspections that are addressed by the Services Department on a monthly basis.

The reference to slides suggests that the students are using microscopes and are not yet aware of the contents. Often in these classes students are referred to reference materials such as histology reference books or other texts rather than the faculty projecting an image and explaining what is shown in any particular slide.

This level of independent work is considered appropriate in these courses and some students initially find it difficult. Although there may be a preference to work from a projected image that is either labelled or explained, the process is for them to use their texts or reference materials and to look things up for themselves or ask specific questions about a particular slide.

This is a normal progression that a certain amount of independent work is inherent in the learning process to let students independently make connections between lectures and lab slides. Faculty are always there to answer questions, and students are encouraged to meet with faculty to ask questions if they are unable to understand the class and lab materials. The students' ability to “find answers independently” is an important part of the process of critical thinking.

The student services fee is primarily used to support technology (including WebSTAR, the online student service portal, SharkLink for email communications, Blackboard, library databases and services, etc.), as well as to provide funding for student engagement programming for clubs and organizations.

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