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2016 Town Hall Meeting Q&A

Employee Questions

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are considered federal holidays, therefore NSU observes them the same way the federal government does when they fall on a weekend (day before, or day after).  Christmas Eve, December 24th , is not considered a federal holiday therefore the 23rd is not observed as a paid holiday.

The medical plan offered to Puerto Rico employees is with a different vendor than the plan offered to Florida-based employees. Both the Puerto Rico plan and the Main Campus healthcare plans do cover treatment for diseases of the eye.  Eye exams and eyeglasses, lenses or contact lenses are typically covered through a separate vision care plan.  This feature is not currently available to employees working in Puerto Rico.  The Benefits Department in the Office of Human Resources will explore the feasibility of introducing such a plan in Puerto Rico in the coming year.
Shark Dining is dedicated to providing a variety of concepts and brands that meet the needs of the university population.  We value your feedback and will look into the Subway operations at HPD in addition to exploring alternative deli brands, including Jimmy Johns.
We are rebuilding the phone directory by moving it to active directory.  Looks like the mail codes will be replaced with the building codes that HR created
Student Employment posts positions as determined by the colleges and centers, and internships are probably not through student employment at all but directly through the college

This assertion is correct in the sense that each of these three buildings have their own standalone fire alarm system. This means that each fire alarm system works separately from the other buildings. Having said this, when we conduct evacuation drills at the Health Professions Division, we evacuate both Terry and the Assembly 1 buildings at the same time. This has been the procedure for the past two years. There is no need to evacuate the HPD Library/Labs building if we are conducting an evacuation drill at Terry Building or Assembly 1 Building. We also conduct evacuation drills in each of the other HPD buildings.

I can personally assure our NSU community that during an emergency, we will evacuate any HPD building that would be required regardless where the alarm originated.

Per the President’s request at the recent Orlando Town Hall meeting, Facilities installed speed limit signs in the parking lot last week.
In addition, I am waiting to receive updated quotes breaking out the security/camera installation by priority. Finally, Facilities has enlisted Walker Parking Consultants to help us navigate the necessary municipality approvals to install gate arms to section off the parking lot.

At this time, Director Vanessa Blanco from the Office of Regional Campuses may be contacted in San Juan should there be any HR related concerns.  The University’s Office of Human Resources is also directly accessible by phone at 954-262-4748 or by email at

NSU does not participate in any reciprocal tuition exchange programs with other universities and has no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

Facilities is in the process of developing a pedestrian plan to get safely from the west garage to the Health Professions facilities. In addition, we encourage students, faculty and staff to park on the upper floors of the Health Professions' garage. Most times, the top floor is nearly empty.

For reasons related to liability and risk management, the provision of an unsupervised space for exercise, with or without a signed waiver, is not advisable.  There are concerns relative to the potential storage of exercise items, the functionality of the exercise items in use, and any damages or injuries that may occur while this space is occupied yet unsupervised.”

We do wish we were able to obtain this for all who would like or need to use it. It is a very expensive software package ( over $800 per computer). We are trying to get a college or university license. In the meantime there are free qualitative software packages that are as good as this one. 

Immunization requirements for HPD students are handled by each college’s student affairs representative. These individuals are responsible for collecting immunization documentation.  In addition, Housing also requires this documentation for students who live on campus. Regarding the online immunization waiver suggestion, I recommend that you forward this request to Irv Rosenbaum and Brad Williams for a response since their areas are closely involved with immunization requirements for students.

The Office of Human Resources has recognized that our employee population is growing at our Regional Campuses. We are actively seeking opportunities to expand our professional development and training catalog as cost effectively as possible given our geographic range.  Recent updates to university-wide technology and infrastructure are helping to enable this effort.  As an example, in 2015 we were able to provide several Leadership Development sessions via telepresence for Regional Campus participants. When Office 365 and SharkMedia are fully implemented across all campus locations, there will be more options available for developing virtual events, both live and asynchronous.  These opportunities will be posted as they become available on the Shark Talent Management system calendar, accessible to regular employees by visiting the Sharklink portal (Employee tab, Shark Talent logo, Browse for Training).

Thank you for taking the time to reach out and providing your feedback.  Student and guest comfort is very important to us; we will evaluate, and adjust as needed, the music sound level at the locations identified in your email.

Additionally, we regret that you are having issues with NSU WIFI services and apologize in advance for these challenges. We strongly recommend that you not use the Guest WIFI network. The Guest WIFI is intended casual use only. Guest has bandwidth rate limits in place, requires users to re-login every 2 hours and has no access to intern NSU information resources. Please consider logging in to the new 1NSU WIFI which now uses your NSU user ID and Password to authenticate you. It’s easy, fast, does not drop after 2 hours and has rich access to internal NSU information resource.  We have no control over Broward City wireless, so can’t help there.  However, we have invested in excess of a million dollars over the last year in upgrading to the fastest most reliable WIFI we can buy for students, faculty and staff.

Sometimes during special events and shift changes you may see more than one Public Safety Officer in the NMB Main building for a short period of time.  It’s true that Public Safety is using the vacated receptionist desk in the lobby, however we are not the receptionist for the building, nor are the Public Safety Officers assigned to that desk.  The officer that is seated there can be called away at any time to handle various situations throughout the NMB campus.  The Public Safety Officers assigned to the NMB campus must patrol all the buildings, the garage and the surrounding areas during their shift.  We very much try to constantly have one officer located at the front entrance to the Main Fischler building and one near the clinic entrance as well, however calls for service, emergencies and other activities or factors may effect this. We have also recently installed two security cameras inside and outside the Special Needs Dental area that are also monitored by Public Safety when they are at that front lobby desk. In reference to someone being followed by a suspicious individual, we must always be aware of our surroundings for our own security sake.  If you feel uncomfortable for any reason or that you’re possibly being followed while coming to work simply call the NMB Public Safety Officers and they will be glad to come out and escort you into the building.  In all emergency situations you should always call 9-1-1 first, and then call Public Safety.

A career ladder typically describes the progression from an entry level position to a promotional position of high level of skill, responsibility and pay within the same job family.  As an employee gains greater experience and skill in a career ladder position, he/she may become qualified for promotion to the next higher level position within that job family.  At NSU, an example of career ladder positions include:  Librarian I, II & III, Academic Advisor I, II & Assistant Director, Call Center Customer Service Representative I, II, II(HPD), Admissions Counselors(HPD) I, II & III.            

Employees in positions without established career ladders are encouraged to bookmark the job postings at  All NSU position openings are posted on  And for each posted position, the University completes a market analysis to determine the appropriate salary for the posted position.  There are a number of websites that employees can access to discover what regional differences are in the salaries for different jobs; these include and

Consistent with President Hanbury's philosophy of “One NSU”, all staff should be finding meaningful ways to contribute to the success of University regardless of whether their position is directly or indirectly related to revenue generation.  We rely on strong collaboration and team work among and between all academic and non-academic units to achieve success in meeting our annual goals and the objectives of Vision 2020.  To attract and retain great people, the University maintains competitive salaries and benefits as measured against local and national salary and benefit surveys for comprehensive higher education institutions.  The University reviews and updates its salary and benefit surveys on a regular periodic basis to ensure that we maintain our market competitiveness.

The choice is not between investing between employees and investing in programs and facilities;  providing a quality educational experience to our students requires both.  The University has demonstrated its commitment to faculty and staff through this year’s Merit Increase Award Program, its highly competitive fringe benefits program, the paid winter shutdown holiday, and faculty and staff recognition programs.  Complimenting this effort, the University’s investment in capital projects and enhanced programs provides faculty and staff an environment in which they can thrive, create and discover.

Many events on campus are sponsored by myriad departments, units, academic areas, etc., and it is the responsibility of those who create/disseminate communications about their events to include all the necessary information. The best way to ensure communications materials have accurate and adequate information on them is for people to have them created/vetted through the Office of Publications. University Relations is also happy to review materials in advance. Also, many non-NSU organizations hold events on our campus, and our one campus address (with the exception of the clinics) is 3301 College Avenue. We created an interactive and mobile-friendly map of campus, which incorporates Google Maps/Directions, for door-to-door directions capabilities. It can be accessed at Another important tool for event planners to use is the university-wide calendar.

The Office of Human Resources has recognized that our employee population is growing at our Regional Campuses. We are actively seeking opportunities to expand our professional development and training catalog as cost effectively as possible given our geographic range.  Recent updates to university-wide technology and infrastructure are helping to enable this effort.  As an example, in 2015 we were able to provide several Leadership Development sessions via telepresence for Regional Campus participants. When Office 365 and SharkMedia are fully implemented across all campus locations, there will be more options available for developing virtual events, both live and asynchronous.  These opportunities will be posted as they become available on the Shark Talent Management system calendar, accessible to regular employees by visiting the Sharklink portal (Employee tab, Shark Talent logo, Browse for Training).

The Office of Human Resources recommends identical starting salaries for the same job regardless of whether the position resides in Florida or Puerto Rico.  Managers within the Colleges or Administrative Units determine salaries for specific positions, and the decision takes into account the employee’s experience, work history, performance, and budget.  Employees with more tenure tend to earn more than those with less tenure because they have been in their positions longer and their salaries have increased with the application of merit increases.  Many of our Puerto Rico employees are more recently hired, it is not unexpected that they are earning less than their Florida counterparts with more service.

Licensing in any of the health professions regulated by the State of Florida or any other jurisdiction  are the personal responsibility of the licensed Health Professional. That health professional is responsible to meet all of the regularlitory  standards of the jurisdictional agency board. The monies in Acct 4150 are intended for use by  HPD faculty for scholarly and professional enrichment.  ie; seminars, conferences, regional and national professional organization meetings.

OHR conducted a comprehensive review of adjunct faculty pay rates using data from the Chronical of Higher Education and determined that overall NSU’s adjunct faculty pay rates are competitive, and in some cases, more than competitive in the market place.

Data was not available for hygienist adjunct faculty from the Chronicle so an apples-to-apples comparison was not possible, therefore, OHR looked at non-teaching hygienist performing services in local dental offices.   While it may not be possible to draw a good conclusion from a comparison of positions performing services in a for-profit office setting and a not-for-profit teaching institution, when compared, for-profit pay rates are higher.

While OHR monitors and reports such data, each College determines pay rates and budgets for adjunct teaching faculty, carefully considering the available budgetary resources and the demands of the local labor market.  In the instances where pay rates appear under market Human Resources has notified the Dean of the College who may consider adjusting adjunct pay rates as resources allow.

The review of hourly employee jobs you reference in your question was performed by staff allocated specifically to accomplish this project in a short timeframe for the purpose of implementation of the University performance evaluation system.  As you noted, there were many benefits to establishing updated job descriptions, titles and grades for positions that have similar responsibilities throughout the university.

 While it was not possible to proceed immediately with an analysis of all of the exempt jobs due to tight staffing resources, the Office of Human Resources Compensation team reviews every exempt position as it becomes vacant.  Where academic or administrative units are reorganizing, OHR analyzes job groups and families and works with the departmental HR Contacts to align titles, grades and update job descriptions.  Of the 1200 or so exempt administrative positions, about 630 have been reviewed and leveled in this manner.

 While progress of these analysis will continue, it should be noted that this review frequently indicates NSU positions are compensated appropriately according to regional and industry market surveys.  If data indicates that a jobs does not fall within market range, the department is notified. Any resulting adjustments are made as financial resources permit.

If you have questions regarding whether your position has been reviewed, please speak with your supervisor or departmental HR Contact.

The medical plan offered to Puerto Rico employees is with a different vendor than the plan offered to Florida-based employees. Both the Puerto Rico plan and the Main Campus healthcare plans do cover treatment for diseases of the eye.  Eye exams and eyeglasses, lenses or contact lenses are typically covered through a separate vision care plan.  This feature is not currently available to employees working in Puerto Rico.  The Benefits Department in the Office of Human Resources will explore the feasibility of introducing such a plan in Puerto Rico in the coming year.

NSU’s Office of Human Resources, Compensation department, employs basic compensation tools such as a job evaluation system, salary structure, performance management system, and market pricing system for employee positions at all levels which assists us in realizing our compensation goals (attracting, motivating, and retaining qualified employees).  Each Center/College/Department works directly with OHR Compensation and follows their recommendations in order to provide equal pay for equal work under comparable working conditions without regard for race, color, religion, marital status, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or status as a veteran.  Salary rates are established that reflect the value of various jobs in the labor market as determined by a system of continuing job evaluation and market pricing, and which reflect a direct relationship of pay to individual job performance.

Any variance in salaries for similar positions across the University may be due to the level of experience of the employee in the position, qualifications, performance and, at times, budgetary restrictions.  A Center may request a market based salary analysis for a specific position or job family at any time there is a concern, and an updated salary recommendation is provided.  The Center then has the ability to implement the salary adjustment if approved by the University’s position review committee, pending available funding.   

In addition to compensation review and analysis, all positions are reviewed by the position review committee prior to posting, reclassification or market adjustment.  Salary recommendations consistent with budget are made, regardless of the geographic location of the position.

There are 3 types of position changes at NSU that may result in a change of position or pay: reclassification of current position, a “career-ladder” promotion and a regular promotion.  A reclassification occurs when the duties of a position have expanded over time to include a significantly higher level of responsibility outside the scope of the employee’s current job description.  The reclassification may result in a title change and/or a change in salary and grade.  Reclassifications requests are submitted to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) by the center head and presented to the Position Review Committee (PRC) (consisting of the Provost and the Chief Operating Officer) ) three times a year.  If approved by the PRC, the salary change (if any) is processed following OHR’s receipt of the Position Action Form (PAF) from the employee’s home department.  The effective date of the pay change usually coincides with the start of the following calendar year quarter in order to facilitate budgetary planning.  If the PRC requires more information to support the reclassification request, a decision will be deferred until the center head has provided the requested information.

In some centers, there are jobs with established career ladder promotional opportunities.  Career ladders were developed in some units to address retention in areas of high turnover or where critical skills are needed.  As employees meet the requirements for moving to the next step of a career ladder, the home department submits documentation and a request to the PRC for review and approval of the career ladder promotion.  Career ladder promotions are considered and approved by the PRC throughout the year, and any associated pay increase is processed with the effective date submitted by the home department.

A regular promotion occurs where an employee applies for a higher level job through, meets the required education and experience requirements and is selected for the position through a competitive search process.   Following selection, the hiring department completes the PAF with the effective date of hire and submits it to OHR.  The promoted employees pay change is effective on the day he/she starts work in the new job.  

So in answer to your question, it may be possible that a reclassification request could be under review for several months pending receipt of needed information from the center head.  For a regular promotion or career ladder promotion, the pay change is entered as soon as OHR receives the completed PAF from the involved unit.

At NSU there are many mission critical services that cannot be suspended during winter closure.  Meeting the needs of our students, providing clinical services, keeping the campus safe and secure and providing library and museum access are examples of activities that continue year round.  Employees providing services in these areas and who work on holidays are compensated either through additional pay or by receiving alternate time off, please refer to the policy for complete details,

The campaign launch was announced via email to every employee, student and alumni. Those were sent to employees and students the week of January 25th and to alumni, February 3rd-5th.

Additionally, the campaign publicly launched to 500 community leaders at the Celebration Of Excellence. We hosted a student event after the celebration of excellence to share the importance of the campaign.  There are banners on campus, and we have bought ads and billboards around town. 

Dr. Hanbury was recently featured in a Sun Sentinel editorial that spoke of the campaign, it's goals and its importance to our Broward County community.

We welcome any ideas on how to share this important and historic initiative.

The university budget is based on a 37.5 hour work week.  Increasing the work week to 40 hours would mean an immediate 16.7M unbudgeted expense and because it would still be necessary to meet the staffing needs of the university, there would be no offset to the expense through reduced staff. 

Engagement surveys show that work-life balance is very important to NSU employees and it is the President’s orientation to find this balance when rewarding our faculty and staff.  The university merit increase program, the highly competitive employee health and welfare programs, the wellness programming, and the generous vacation and holiday policies, including Winter Break, as well as the 37.5 hour work week, all support the President’s orientation towards work-life balance and its important role in keeping employees engaged.

NSU employees can purchase NSU's tax-exempt bonds. NSU can arrange for employees to purchase new issues, when they may occur, directly from the University's underwriters.  Alternatively, employees can purchase bonds in the secondary market through their brokerage accounts. Minimum denominations are $5,000 in the tax-exempt fixed rate bond market.  Smaller denomination bonds, such as $500 or $1,000 denominations, could potentially be issued if NSU and its underwriters felt there was sufficient demand.

The Mailman Segal Center offers a preschool-grade 1 program called the Academy.  It is a private program.  Students who have been at Baudhuin are able to use the McKay Scholarship towards the tuition.  Roberta should contact Heather O’Brien at 954-262-7117. 

She should also make sure that she attends the transition programs that are being offered to parents of Baudhuin students transitioning to kindergarten to learn about all of the options.

Thank you for submitting your question regarding the Alvin Sherman Library.  The library was built in 2001 and was constructed with impact rated windows.  These windows are made to withstand a certain wind pressure and also create a sound dampening effect.  We realize the windows are not sound proof.  Often changing your study location to a different part of the building can remedy the effect of the music from university events.  The library offers free earplugs available at the Circulation Desk for those library patrons who prefer a quieter environment.  Additionally we see library patrons using headphones for noise reduction purposes.  

The Payroll department and OIIT have been working with the vendor to resolve the system performance issues noted.  Plans are in place such as a pending upgrade to the latest version of Java currently supported by Kronos which will improve log-in and processing speed. Users should report issues to, where they can be recorded, tracked, and resolved as soon as possible.

NSU has a master plan for the Davie/Ft. Lauderdale campus that does identify locations for potential building expansions and new facilities. As operational needs arise the construction of these facilities are assessed on an as-needed basis.

Currently there are two new facilities under construction. Center for Collaborative Research: a 216,000 square foot research facility and Noel P. Brown expansion: a 55,000 square foot addition to an existing building that will house a gymnasium, public restrooms for the competition pool and athletic locker rooms.

The issues related to opening an evening and drop off center are numerous and include the following:

Drop off care would inconsistently add to the number of children in the center and be outside the scope of licensing and accreditation regulations.  The Mailman Segal Center focuses on early learning, developmentally appropriate education, research, best practices, and parent support so drop off care would not be consistent with our mission.  Additionally, in order to maintain an evening program we would have to employ staff and an onsite director which would result in prohibitive costs for families.

There are, however, opportunities for students, faculty and staff to register for our regularly scheduled early childhood programs and clinical services.  Please contact the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development for program and registration information at:  or 954.262.6914

In an effort to increase our sustainability with regard to water consumption for grounds maintenance, we have significantly reduced the irrigation run times and only run when necessary, which has minimized water consumption across the University. Additionally, in partnership with the Town of Davie, we are utilizing reclaimed water to minimize the impact on our local utility as better stewards of the environment.

With respect to landscaping materials and plants, when practical, we select low to no maintenance landscaping material. This effort reduces the water requirement/consumption, as well as the grounds maintenance upkeep reducing our use of fuel.

For the area around Parker Science, which I believe Alexandra is referring to, there are (4) areas that have been designated for different purposes:

  1. Medicinal Gardens – Maintained by Dr. Carsten Evans to showcase species of plants that can be used for medicinal purposes.
  2. Mesozoic Gardens – Maintained by Dr. Charles Messing to showcase the evolution of plant species.
  3. Experimental Plant Area – Maintained by Dr. Venkatesh Shanbhag, who is experimenting with different soils and their effect on different plant species.
  4. Student Nature Club – Students maintain this area and utilize local native plant species.
The timing of adjunct faculty payments is dependent on the business rules established by each college, as determined by the college's operational needs.  Please contact your supervisor to discuss the business rules that apply to your situaiton.

We have explored placing a vinyl-signage membrane on the roof of the Don Taft University Center. There are currently no plans to move forward with this installation. However, we do have a similar signage installation on the roof of the Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystem Research at the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Campus.

No.  The University’s merit increase program, which is based on a formal evaluation process critiquing faculty performance in the areas of teaching, research/scholarship and service, does not extend to adjunct faculty. 

We understand that parking around campus can sometimes be frustrating when we can’t park exactly where we’d like to.  In relation to the HPD parking garage and the new CCR building opening up soon, we understand that finding a parking spot in the HPD garage will be more difficult.  However we seem to often times have many spots left open on the 5th floor.  In addition to this when the south side surface lot was removed for the CCR building a new surface lot was placed on the north side of the garage to make up for these lost spaces.  The long term parking solution involves an expansion of the HPD garage, in the meantime there are plenty of parking spaces across the street in the new West Garage.  There are even spaces there that are reserved for HPD staff.  Even though this garage is across the street, it is still relatively close to HPD, but as noted there is no covered walkway. 

As far as the 2nd part of the question, the portion of the walkway not covered must be that way in order for us to receive deliveries to that HPD loading dock area.  If the covering was up high enough to get the largest delivery trucks in it would not really offer any covering for the pedestrians.

Currently, there are no plans to move to a “standard” length for annual faculty appointments for all of NSU. What I believe you will begin to see over the next few years is movement toward greater options in the length of faculty appointments.  Many of our programs are 12 month programs with students attending on a year round basis. For these programs where a faculty’s primary responsibilities are teaching in these programs, engaging faculty in 12 month appointments is very appropriate. These programs are typically at the graduate and professional programs, but also, in some cases at HPD, in the undergraduate level.  I anticipate that 12 month contracts will continue for many of these faculty.  In programs that more aligned with the traditional fall/spring semester calendars, engaging faculty who primarily teach in these programs on 9/10 month appointments is appropriate. In short, the length of an annual faculty appointment will depend on the needs of the programs.  Options may become available for faculty to choose in some instances for either a 9 or 12 month annual appointment, again, depending on the needs of their college, department, or programs and/or the research agendas of faculty. 

Perceived pay equities around differences in length of contract for comparable faculty will be reviewed and evaluated based on comparative market data.  In some cases the differences in discipline, rank, and experience may give the appearance of differences due to length of contract but may not actually reflect an inequity based on the length of the annual appointment.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding library study rooms. Plans for completing the 5th floor of the Alvin Sherman Library are projected for 2020 and beyond.  Plans to complete the 5th floor will be coordinated with the Broward County Board of County Commission due to the agreement between our two institutions.  Any service areas provided on the 5th floor will reflect the joint-use nature of the library as this is an essential philosophy of the facility so that students, faculty and the public may enjoy the benefits.

 Mrs. Acosta, Vice President of Information Services and University Librarian, says that more study rooms are envisioned for the 5th floor expansion as this type of study space is preferred by students.  Mrs. Acosta indicates that, as a rule, university and public  libraries provide one point of service for circulation functions, i.e. check in and out of books, audiovisual items, reserve materials, keys for study rooms, etc.  This is an efficient way to make use of staff, rather than creating multiple circulation services points which is staff intensive and costly. 

Thank you for your suggestion.  I hope you will be able to attend one of the Town Hall Meetings which are scheduled in the coming weeks.

All students will have access and opportunities to be involved in the new hospital.  

The Administrative Law hearing about the new hospital was completed Christmas week. The judge has said he will give his opinion sometime late this month (January) or in February.

If that is approved, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), will authorize HCA to proceed with relocating Plantation General to our campus. 
It will take 2.5 years to build the hospital after approval. 

If the Administrative Law Judge’s opinion is negative, we start all over again. 

Facilities Management worked very hard with the Department of Transportation and the Town of Davie for several years in order to get constructed the new traffic light and pedestrian crosswalk at that location.  This was done not only as a traffic measure to more efficiently move the vehicle traffic into and out of our campus at that location but to provide a safe regulated pedestrian crosswalk for our students living in the apartments across the street to use to come here. The street itself however is not NSU property and therefore we have no ability to legally place a Public Safety Officer or AlliedBarton Security Officer at that location to direct the students to the safe crosswalk area.  These HPD students are adults, not juvenile school children and therefore understand the consequences of illegally crossing the street or impeding the vehicle traffic.  This also goes for the students and staff members that illegally cross University Drive from HPD to access the restaurants across the street, when safe crosswalks have been provided.

The new Sharkmedia site includes documentation for all 3 groups, faculty, staff, and students.  However, thank you for your suggestion about having a separate breakout just for students!  We will have this available immediately.  In the meantime, please see the documentation that went out to all NSU constituents.

Take a bite out of your digital content with SharkMedia!

As part of OIIT's continuous improvement and innovation, we are migrating all Tegrity users into a new state-of-the-art platform called Kaltura (MediaSpace), which will be referred to as "SharkMedia" with its associated tool set (CaptureSpace). While exploring the "open seas" with your new tool, you'll notice some of the following benefits:

  • Store your media in your own private repository, and publish it across multiple platforms for consumption including Blackboard, the SharkMedia website and SharePoint (coming soon).
  • Secure Media files – the only people who can view your media are those that you authorize.
  • Faculty can quickly integrate digital content into Blackboard.
  • Digital media usage analytics.
  • Provides students an easy way to submit digital media to instructors via Blackboard.
  • On July 1, 2016 storage will be unlimited.

Faculty and staff training will be offered continuously starting in January, 2016. Topics covered during the training will include:

  • Uploading and storing media in the online repository.
  • Creating a video using a webcam and microphone.
  • Modifying a video using the tools in SharkMedia.
  • Finding and embedding videos in Blackboard using the mashup tool.

Visit our resource page at for help. For more information please contact Strategic Support Services (SSS) at 954-262-0777, or submit a ticket.

3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796
(954) 262-0777 • Fax: (954) 262-2355

NSU is a more generous employer than most when it comes to vacation accruals. Per the Colleges and University Professional Association for Human Resources, other universities surveyed only offer an average of 11 days for employees in their first year, and 19 upon reaching year 10. In certain classifications at NSU, starting with 15 days annually and raising it to 20 upon year 4 is part of the university's incentive plan to retain employees, along with the benefits package, tuition waiver, and other amenities unique to our university setting. With regard to salary increases, a merit-based increase has just been announced by the President effective January 2nd for eligible employees.

The issue has been on our radar as Public Safety began addressing this most recent issue with Davie Police on October 14, 2015. We have been performing traffic calming measures with the Police and have successfully identified some of the culprits. Public Safety’s efforts are on-going and now coincide with the University School arrival and departure traffic, which is when we seem to be having the problem.

At Shark Dining, we pride ourselves on maintaining flexible menu options to accommodate the ever-changing dietary requirements of our students at NSU.  Attached is a brochure that was designed to help students to plan their meal options.  There are vegetarian selections, as well as other healthy choices, available at every dining location on campus.  This fall, we opened the expanded JuiceBlendz in the Don Taft University Center, renamed JuiceBlendz Café. It was a direct result of student requests for additional healthy options.  Students who are still unsure of, or not familiar with, the various options available to meet their dietary needs are always welcome to meet with Shark Dining management and our chefs, who can prepare specialized meals for them.  If interested in meeting one on one, please email Jason Fitch, Chartwells’ resident district manager at

On the first Wednesday of every month, beginning in January, Shark Dining will start a new series called “Dining with the Directors.”  This program will provide students with the opportunity to dine with the management team at a different location each month and provide valuable feedback.  Additionally, students will learn about special events and other upcoming features and offerings from their dining services.  Students who wish to participate in this exciting, new program should reserve their spots by emailing Jason Fitch at

For a list of Vegetarian and Vegan Highlights please visit our website at:

This is an excellent suggestion.  The university will certainly consider this particularly as we move forward with the Academical Village plans.  We will vet this suggestion through the new Student Government Association.

Thank you for your question about the Honors College. The Honors College seeks to create a community among highly motivated, academically talented undergraduate students.  Leadership and engagement opportunities are an important part of the College mission.

Students in the Honors community participate in a series of curricular and co-curricular programs and have opportunities to meet campus and community leaders.  In addition, forums with leaders of graduate and professional programs create unique experiences for students.  Finally, the Honors College hosts the Distinguished Speaker Series – bringing national/international leaders to campus.

Students are always encouraged to offer recommendations for these programs.  Students are particularly active through two student groups in this regard: the Honors Advocates and the Honors Student Association.

The Honors College Dean Strives to be accessible and responsive to suggestions that enhance the Honors student community – and welcome specific ideas.

The Health Professions parking garage receives a lot of daily traffic and as such is subjected a fair amount of “wear and tear”. In addition, the construction of the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) building next door has introduced more dust to the parking garage. Facilities will be performing a thorough cleaning of the parking garage once the CCR building is in the final stages of completion. Physical Plant has also instituted a preventive maintenance program with regular inspections of the speed bumps and parking stops. Below please find a summary of recent cleaning and repairs that have been performed on the HPD garage in the recent months:

November 2014

Repaired and replaced 27 speed stops  also reinstalled 60 parking stops. 

 December 2014

Power washed all stairwells and elevator landing and powered swept all floors in garage. 

 February 2015

Reinstalled 18 speed bumps  

 March  2015

Removed 6 broken  speed bumps  

 March 2015 (second time)

Physical Plant removed 4 broken speed bumps. 

May 2015

Relamped existing light fixtures throughout the garage.  

 June 2015 

Power washed all stairwells and elevator landings.  

 August 2015

 Will Power sweep 1st floor  parking garage and pressure clean all floors

August 2015

Work to begin on recladding the elevator doors on all floors of the parking garage.

**Currently there are Preventive Maintenance work orders for parking garage inspections that are addressed by the Services Department on a monthly basis.

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