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Rights of all University Community Members

All members of the university community reporting or responding to an act of sexual misconduct have the right to
  • be treated with dignity and respect;
  • have a prompt, impartial, and equitable resolution of the report of the incident;
  • have any proceedings conducted by individuals who have been adequately trained and are free from conflicts of interest;
  • have all reports and investigations of sexual misconduct treated seriously and with respect for the privacy of all involved;
  • have the full, prompt, and reasonable cooperation from campus personnel in responding to a report of an incident of sexual misconduct;
  • have access to counseling and other appropriate services established by the university or through formal NSU agreements;
  • have equitable rights in any resolution process, such as
      • being informed in writing of the outcome (including the decision[s], sanction[s], and rationale) of any university disciplinary proceeding, and
      • the opportunity to utilize an appeals procedure, if one is provided
  • in situations involving crimes of sexual violence, the reporting or responding parties may also
      • have an adviser/support person of their choosing present with them during a disciplinary proceeding or any meeting pertaining to the investigation/ resolution (so long as that individual complies with the guidelines for participating as an adviser) and
      • be assured that the proceedings will be conducted by individuals who receive annual training on issues related to sexual violence and how to conduct investigations and/or resolutions in a way that protects the safety of victims and promotes accountability
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