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Investigation and Disciplinary Process When an Employee Is Reported to Have Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

All employees, including faculty and staff members and administrators, are required to comply with the NSU Sexual Misconduct Policy. Reports of sexual misconduct from an employee against another employee will be handled through the Employee Relations Unit of the Office of Human Resources in accordance with its procedures for handling employee complaints. The Title IX coordinator will meet periodically with the managing director of employee relations and employee relations staff members to discuss specific incidents and trends. Reports of sexual misconduct from a student against an employee will be assigned to the Employee Relations Unit by the Title IX coordinator and processed pursuant to the university’s Title IX complaint procedure. More information about the procedures used to investigate and resolve reports of sexual misconduct by employees will be made available on the Title IX website. Sanctions and corrective actions against employees found to have violated the Sexual Misconduct Policy include:

  • verbal or written warning
  • formal counseling
  • demotion
  • probation
  • suspension with or without pay
  • dismissal/termination from employment
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