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Community and/or Visitors

Resolution Process When Non-NSU Community Members Are Reported to Have Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

NSU’s obligations under Title IX to ensure that its campus and programs are free from sexual misconduct and discrimination sometimes mean that NSU has to respond to behavior exhibited by individuals or entities over whom it has limited control. In these occasions, the Title IX coordinator will guide NSU’s response in collaboration with appropriate entities. For example,

  • if a student from another college or university visits the campus and sexually assaults an NSU student,
  • NSU can inform its student of the opportunity to file a complaint with the other institution, and can share the information reported with that institution.
  • if a person unaffiliated with the university engages in sexual harassment, that person may be banned from accessing the campus property.
  • if there are anonymous online communications directed at members of the NSU community that create a hostile environment, NSU may be able to initiate educational campaigns or assist affected parties with contacting social media applications.
  • for any incident that occurs on campus or at an NSU affiliated event, NSU can offer supportive or protective measures to a victim or other harmed party.

Any person may file a complaint under NSU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, including visitors to campus, parents of students, prospective students and employees, and others. However, as responding parties, these individuals do not retain rights offered to members of the NSU community, and NSU reserves the right to take actions like those above without conducting an extensive investigation.

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