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University Policy for Cellular Voice/Data/Pager Services

For certain employees, access to university provided cellular voice/data/pager services is vital to performance of job duties. University provided cellular service is subject to the guidelines listed below:

  1. Issuance of a cellular telephone instrument and account to be billed to the university must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor with the exception of academic deans and administrative department heads. The Department's Telecommunications contact will submit the order to ITT. Employees may not purchase their own equipment. All equipment charged to the NSU account must be purchased by the Telecommunications Department
  2. Request for university provided service and/or equipment must be submitted through each Department's Telecommunications Contact either electronically or in writing. If done in writing, the order must bear the signature of the appropriate budget authorization signature. All orders must include the index and fund to which equipment/service is to be charged.
  3. Telecommunications (ITT) will place all orders for cellular telephones and services with the contracted vendor. ITT will contact the employees ordering equipment when the equipment is ready to be picked up. ITT will monitor plans and overall usage and make changes in service agreements to provide the most convenient and economical plan to the employee.
  4. Telecommunications will also monitor changes in cellular telephone technologies and make recommendations for improvements in the University's equipment on an as needed basis.
  5. The university will provide one (1) cellular telephone unit per approved user. Please contact Telecom x22838.
  6. Each department is responsible for notifying ITT of staff changes and cancellation of service. All devices must be returned to ITT for proper handling. Departments should not hold a device for another employee or give the device to another employee. Until notification of cancellation to ITT, each department will be responsible for the billing of service for employees who have left the University. Employees may not keep their university phone or phone number upon leaving their position.
  7. Each department is responsible for notifying ITT in writing of employee international travel so that the appropriate international plan can be added. Contact ITT for details at ext. 22838. Upon return, each department must contact ITT to have the international plan removed or they will be responsible for the continued international charge. For those employees without International access, ITT has established an International Loaner Program.
  8. Telecommunications will order a warranty replacement for a device that is less than a year old and determined to be defective. The Department Telecommunications Contact must contact ITT requesting a warranty replacement. In the request the telecom contact will need to state what the issue is, the user's name, the cell phone number of the device and account code. The cost for a warranty replacement is $75 dollars. The $75 dollars will be billed on the monthly service bill.
  9. If a device is lost or stolen, the Department Telecommunications contact will need to contact ITT in writing. If the device is less than a year old, the cost for the equipment will be at full retail price and the line will be suspended until the new device arrives. If the device is more than a year old, the cost for the equipment will be at the NSU discount price and the line will be suspended until the new device is activated.
  10. University provided cellular service is intended to be used for business purposes only. Its use is subject to NSU policies, including, but not limited to, the Acceptable Use of Computing Resources policy and NSU's Corporate Compliance Plan. Text messaging and cameras are allowable features.
  11. The university does not allow cell phone use or texting while driving unless employee utilizes a hands-free device. In the event that an employee must use their cell phone or text, please find a safe place to pull over or park before making or answering calls. Employees must comply with state/local laws governing cell phone use.
  12. Deans, department heads, and department telecommunications contacts receive a monthly billing detail for all university billed cellular usage (including voice/data services and pagers). It is expected that these call details will be reviewed by the responsible departmental supervisory personnel and that reimbursement will be secured by the department for any non-business calls appearing on that detail.
  13. Departmental supervisory personnel are expected to review the number of cellular devices assigned to their employees on a regular basis and to discontinue non-necessary service wherever feasible.
  14. Personal Purchases: Employees may take advantage of the University's contracted rates to establish personal accounts. Such personal accounts will be in the employee's name, all charges will be the responsibility of the employee, and all invoices will be sent directly to the employee's billing address.

Policy Effective: 5/23/12

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