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Our Team

NSUMMC Teen program instructors include industry professionals, technology educators and talented upper-level university students who have a genuine passion for the subject and a demonstrated skill for coaching, mentoring and inspiring teens.  Our upper-level students are involved in one or more of our Student Media areas, which include WNSU Radio X, The Current Newspaper, and or Sharks United Television.


Jarrod BaileyJarrod Bailey is the Assistant Director of Student Media at Nova Southeastern University. He has always been captivated by stories—on the big screen, TV, stage, and in books.

He’s worked as a filmmaker, graphic designer, teacher, producer, and theatrical artist in Chicago, San Francisco, and South Florida, and spent several years facilitating experiential learning as a professional team builder on ropes courses. Jarrod holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from FAU and a certificate in Television Production Operations.

Some of his more recent work includes being the Logistics Chair for the 2015 Florida Day of the Dead Celebration and producing the Day of the Dead Clay Animation Workshop and Exhibit, a grant funded unique interactive program for creative teens. As Assistant Director of Student Media, Jarrod works with Sharks United Television, students, staff, and community partners to produce digital media that enriches student and campus life. 

Michelle ManleyDr. Michelle Manley is the Director of Student Media at Nova Southeastern University. She oversees NSU’s student-run media outlet’s Radio X, The Current and Sharks United Television. In addition in collaboration with others, she oversees NSU’s Multimedia Conference and Multimedia Camp.

Dr. Manley found her passion for communications in undergrad when she was hired as a student employee in NSU’s radio station as the music director. Today she has over 14 years’ experience in radio and 8 years’ in both newspaper and television.

While she has earned a M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and doctorate degree in marriage and family therapy, Michelle is committed to building a community for students interested in the various aspects of media. She develops programming that allows students to engage with media professionals in the field, develop skill set, and provide students with opportunities for experiential experiences.

Crystal Knuth received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and minor in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She now is currently the Graduate Assistant of Student Media at Nova Southeastern University, and is working towards her Masters in College Student Affairs.

Originally from Wisconsin, she has worked with the Advance-Titan newspaper and has won various awards for her work in photojournalism. Crystal is very excited to meet all the campers and help them with their skills in Multimedia.

Student Team

Aaron BanyardAaron Banyard is a freshman legal studies major who hopes to become a criminal prosecutor. His interest in media as a hobby and possible career option led him to join the Current one semester before joining SUTV later. Aaron is a competitive Super Smash Bros. player, President of the Society of Anime, Gaming and Entertainment, and always the life of the party.

Kiara BaptisteKiara is a sophomore psychology major and criminal justice minor at Nova Southeastern University. She works at SUTV as a camera operator and video editor. In her free time she likes to draw, eat and play video games.

Maha BarakatMaha is a sophomore studying Communications and Marketing. Her aspiration is to go to law school and she also holds a passion for film making, which drew her to working at SUTV. Maha loves musicals, Disney and Brenden Urie. She is looking forward to meeting and working with all the campers this summer!

Rolando BolanosRolando “Roly” Bolanos is a junior studying communications with a concentration in digital media production. Movies have always been a pass time of his, so this is a big reason why he is pursuing a career in film and television. Roly’s favorite movie is Star Wars: New Hope.

Kelsey BruceKelsey Bruce, The Current 's A&E editor, is a junior speech language and communication disorders major who takes pride in her prolix Spotify playlists, zany greeting card collection and oddly specific poetry. She holds a volunteer position at Nicklaus  Children's Miramar Outpatient Center and as a Title IX Peer Educator for NSU. In her spare time, she loves spending time hanging out with black cats and puzzling out the mysteries of the universe."

Kathleen CrapsonKathleen Crapson is a junior, seeking her Bachelors of Art and Design with a major in graphic design, and a minor in arts administration. Life has thrown her a series of challenges, but it only fuels her creativity. Her goals in life are to adopt as many Bernese Mountain dogs as feasibly
possible, and eat Chik-fil-A everyday without gaining an ounce of fat. Only time will tell whether
that will happen.
David CuervoDavid is a junior at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Computer Science. He works at SUTV as a camera operator/video editor and is also a DJ at Radio X.

Mario LorrimerJunior, Business major, kind of sort of knows what to do in life. Cat enthusiast, cocoa rice krispies taste taster, milkshake dranker, Pokè-Master/shiny hunter and a gamer. Favorite quote: “Drax them sklounst” – Keegan-Michael Key. This one time he saved a cat, it was awesome. Possibly a crazy cat guy.

Michael LynnMike is a junior communication major with a minor in theatre. He works at SUTV as Co-Station Manager and is in charge of making sure the station runs smoothly in terms of planning and scheduling, post-production and editing, and working with cameras and other equipment during shoots. Mike also enjoys being a DJ at Radio X, as well as decorating the office for the holidays and any other occasion!
Pedro MarquezPedro Marquez is a second-year Mental Health Counseling graduate student. He works at SUTV as the Production Manager as well as a Camera Operator/Editor and is in charge of video editing, filming, and handling of the equipment.
Alexandar MartiniAlexander Martini is a freshman biology major. He may or may not be the editor of the Opinions section, no one is really sure. Alexander enjoys staring into the void and contemplating existence. He also likes Scooby-Doo, cats and the Oxford comma. He pretends to be a surgeon on weekends.
Andres Mendes LopezAndres is a Graduate Student from the real fun and beautiful country of Mexico. He currently works as a camera operator/video editor at SUTV. He is an International Student, he loves soccer and he can’t wait for the World Cup to start.

Samantha NovemberSamantha November is a communications major and works the front desk at student media. Her interests include making friends happy, music, food and Cyclebar. A fun fact about Sam is that she honks a lot when she drives. Also, her lucky number is 17.

Aidan RivasAidan Rivas is SUTV's program director. In addition to scheduling movies for the TV station and managing the SUTV stream portal, he's also proficient with video editing and graphic design.

Farhan ShabanFarhan is a junior Marketing major with minor in Digital Media Production. He works for the Current as a Visual Designer and also does administrative tasks at the front desk. Farhan also enjoys everything about Disney and is a connoisseur when it comes to food.

Horacia SummersHoracia is an enthusiastic goofball who loves dumb puns and animals. She is always happy to help others. Currently she is a psychology major at Nova Southeastern University and is the business manager of Radio X.
Lily VargasLily is an old-fashioned, hippie-like lady that likes to get along swimmingly with everyone. You'll almost always find her submerged in music, drowning in useless trivia facts about the artists she likes. It inflates her heart to be able to lend a hand whenever and wherever necessary - that's the only thing she likes more than the music. If this is too many fish puns to match the photo, let minnow...
lby ElvinShelby Elvin started off as a student media practicum student and is now working for RadioX as a music director. Along with assigning music, she also DJ’s every Wednesday night from 9 p.m.-midnight. Be sure to tune into 88.5 to listen to her show! Some of Shelbys interests include yoga, listening to music and hanging out with friends.
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