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Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Alumni

The Razor’s Edge Scholars program focuses on teaching students “To Learn, To Lead, To Achieve” throughout their time in the program and their life journeys. Each student in the program is given a Legacy Question during their first Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars retreat which they reflect on throughout their four years in the program. Each student reflects on the question, and during their capstone course presented their answer to their Legacy Question. These questions have the power to be a guiding light, a compass to navigate college life, or that nagging thought in the back of a student's mind questioning their choices and decisions while they develop their leadership capacity. 

We have found that these Legacy Questions challenge the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars to be the best they can be here at NSU and assist in finding meaning-making in our student's academic pursuits. Some even carry these questions into their futures as:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • Business Owners
  • Non-profit Leaders
  • Religious Leaders
  • Political Leaders
  • Marine Biologists
  • Student Affairs Professionals
  • And many, many, more...

No matter the end goal Razor's Edge Leadership has the power to help form a foundation for our Sharks no matter where their passions take them.

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