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Student Involvement Opportunities

The Office of Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses promotes student involvement by providing the following opportunities:

The Professional Development Grant exists to support NSU Regional Campus students in furthering their academic learning through attendance and participation at conferences and workshops.
Such opportunities can include the following:

  • Attendance at a non-NSU professional or academic association conference directly related to your field of study.
  • Attendance in a webinar or site-based short duration workshop sponsored by a regional or national professional or academic association.
  • Participation in either of the above through an accepted presentation or poster session.

The Grant does NOT support academic program requirements or travel to the main campus. Please email for more information

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) exists at each of the Regional Campuses to serve as the voice of the student body by representing student needs to the NSU administration. The SABs also plan social events at the sites and provide a variety of community involvement opportunities.


The SAB recruits new members every summer and they serve for the full academic year. Contact if you are interested in being a member!

Student Affairs at the Regional Campuses employs student workers each semester to assist in a variety of tasks and programs. The open positions can be found through JobX under (932) Regional Campus Student Affairs Student Assistant or (940) Regional Campus Student Affairs Student Manager. Apply today!
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