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Graduate Assistant Testimonials

Andrea Gruger

Andrea Gruger
Class of 2010

"The courses in Conflict Analysis and Resolution offer a practical approach to handling conflict in the workplace. Because of my experience in the coursework, I can see how conflict starts and I have the skill set to intervene and diffuse situations. This is definitely helpful when working with student staff and advising student organizations. However, it is even more helpful when working with peers. My experiences in my graduate assistantship were extremely helpful in learning how to work with and best assist the current generation of students on college campuses. I also learned a lot about the impact of institutional culture on our individual roles. Because of this, I was able to come into my new position with an open mind and I knew that there was a great deal to learn about my new institution, rather than just seeing what I could change."

"I apply a great deal of what I learned at NSU by first learning about my institution. No two institutions are exactly the same, so you have to be truly open to adapting to a new culture. Because of my background with conflict analysis and resolution, I have been brought into a conversation about bringing mediation into the residence halls. I also use a lot of mediation strategies when working with student conflicts, specifically roommate disagreements."

Residence Hall Coordinator, Saint Louis University
Master of Science in College Student Affairs

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