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Official Social Media Pages

Getting Started

Facebook is the world's largest social network that connects friends, co-workers, community members and those with the same interests together.

You may want to create a page for your organization, department or college on Facebook. You can do so here by clicking "Create Page."

NOTE: Do not confuse setting up new user profile with a new page because this violates Facebook Terms of Use and it will be deleted. Although you will need to be logged in as yourself to create your page, your privacy settings will remain intact and no one will know you are associated with the new page.

Once you click through to "Create Page," select the "Company, Organization or Institution" box. Then, select "Education" from the drop down menu, name your page and agree to the terms. Now, enter a description of your business or organization and include the website URL. You can personalize by adding images and photos to your new page. If you want a custom profile photo or logo for your department, organization or college, just send a request to

Next, click "Edit Page" at the upper right and provide information about your Page, such as contact information, hours of operation and a general description.

Timeline Cover.

The Timeline Cover image appears at the top of your Facebook page. Choose an image that best represents your college, division, or organization and send it to An NSU branded watermark bar will be added to the bottom of the cover image and will match the color of your profile image.

Profile Image.

The Profile Image is the thumbnail on your Facebook page as well as next to all of your status updates in users' Feeds. There are several examples of thumbnails listed below. Please send an email to to have a customized NSU branded profile image created for your page. All profile images for official NSU pages should use either the corona logo or trademarked shark logo as part of NSU's branding system.

Connecting with Nova Southeastern University

As an administration, connect your new Page to the Official NSU Facebook Page. Do this by using the following steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Go to your Account Settings
  3. Find "Use Facebook As A Page"
  4. Switch to the Page you want to connect to NSU
  5. Now go to the Nova Southeastern University Facebook page and "Like" the page.
  6. The Official NSU Facebook page will now appear in your Page's Likes section.

You will now have the ability to write on the Official NSU Facebook Wall, promote your department and your events to all of our fans. You can also share what we write on our wall with your fans.

Promote Your Events

  • To promote your events, click the "Events" tab on your Facebook page and add your event. Now, when someone RSVPs to your event, all of their friends will be notified, which will help spread the word even further and possibly lead to more RSVPs.
  • Do not create a duplicate event from another person's page, otherwise you will get RSVPs on both pages. This will make it appear as though not many people are attending, when in fact they are. In short, you should only have your organization's events on your page.

Promoting your Facebook Page on your WebPage

You can embed the Facebook Like Box so viewers can "Like" your Facebook Fan page directly on your website or you can embed on every page or article of your site. When users click the "Like" button on the site or pages, all of their friends are notified thus amplifying your promotional efforts and driving traffic to your site. Create a LikeBox for your Facebook Page which will be on your Nova webpage.

Shortening Links and Tracking Clicks

Use bitly to shorten URLs for your posts. First, you'll need to create an account on and share it with other social media admins for your organization, department, or college. The benefit of is that it allows you to track click-throughs.

Twitter is an informational social network and microblogging platform that allows you to reach millions of people. All you need to do is answer the question, "What's happening?" in 140 characters or less.

These short messages are called "tweets" and typically include a 'teaser' message with an accompanying URL. Your tweets are immediately displayed on your profile page and instantly delivered to the entire universe of people using twitter and all those who are "following" you.

Start by signing up for a free Twitter account. Email Nova Social so we can add your Twitter page to the social media chart. Consider your username and brand it so that it clearly identifies your department, organization or college as being a part of NSU. Some examples are "NSU Sharks" for Athletics or "NSU Basketball" or an NSU based name appropriate for your department, organization or college. Create a profile image - perhaps your business logo - and complete your profile with a description about your organization, events, interests and most importantly, your website URL. Email Social Media for help creating a profile image.

Twitter Terminology

Retweet (RT)

Retweeting or RT is how Twitter users share interesting tweets from the people or organizations they are following. You simply click on Retweet or RT depending on your platform, and Twitter rebroadcasts the original tweet on your behalf while giving credit to the original person and his or her tweet. As an NSU partner, we will "retweet" you and ask that you return the favor.

A good example of how this works to create synergies throughout the district is if the Sun-Sentinel tweets about NSU's Sandra Changkija and NSU RTs that original tweet, both groups of followers of NSU and Sun-Sentinel are informed. If someone does retweet you, it is a common courtesy to thank them by mentioning their name in a thank you message such as "Thank you @TwitterHandle for the RT!" This courtesy helps you gain more followers, as well.

"@Mentions" (@YourTwitterHandle) such as @NovaSE

The @Mentions serve a dual purpose. First, every time your twitter handle is mentioned in a tweet, the original posting will be displayed on your twitter page or in a @mention column. It's very useful when seeing all of the activity that one of your tweets received or if you were specifically "mentioned" in another's tweet. Be sure to thank fellow tweeters for all RTs and @Mentions.

You can also use @Mention to engage a fellow tweeter in a conversation. Insert the @ symbol followed by their handle (Example: @NovaSE - no spaces between the @ and handle). Keep in mind that these communications are public and thus seen by EVERYONE in the twittersphere.


These are shortened words or acronyms preceded by a # or pound sign that are inserted into tweets that allow users to distill specific subjects from the twittersphere. Some of the more popular examples of hashtags are below.

#FollowFriday or #FF: On Fridays, people on Twitter mention all the new Twitter accounts they have discovered and recently starting following to everyone on their lists regardless of interest, industry, etc. This can also be used to highlight your favorite people to follow.

Connecting with Nova Southeastern University

By following Nova Southeastern on Twitter, all departments, organizations and colleges can stay connected and share/promote events to attract more students to the university. Go to NSU's Twitter account and "follow" us. This will expose your division to all of our followers right from the start.

Promoting Your Events

You have an upcoming event and you want to spread the news. The first thing you should do is tweet about it and include links to your Facebook event page as well as your website. This will push the news out to all of your followers and the rest of the twittersphere. Remember to limit your message to 140 characters or less. As a best practice, we recommend you limit your message to 120 characters so that when other followers/partners RT your tweet, all of the important information is retweeted as well.

We recommend tweeting about the event one month in advance. Then, send it out once a week and again three days before. And finally, the day of the event. These tweets will act as friendly reminders to your followers. You can also schedule tweets in advance using a variety of websites such as HootSuite.

Using Social Media to Share Important News

When you have "new" news, leverage your "social graph" (the people you are connected to via the social networking channels), which provides numerous ways for you to spread the word. Adding a "Tweet Button" [ ] right next to your Facebook button on the event page of your website will allow visitors to "share" the information with their connections and help you spread the word!

Shortening Links and Tracking Clicks

Since Twitter only allows you to have 140 characters, use the website: to shorten URLs. Create an account on and share it with other social media admins for your organization, department or college. By creating an account on, you can track all click-throughs.

YouTube is an online video platform that allows you to watch, upload and store videos. You also have the ability to share your videos with friends and followers via your channels or playlists. YouTube is the largest video sharing site to date, attracting the highest amount of users, thus making it the definitive place for video content.

You can watch videos without signing up, but in order to participate in the community and upload your own videos, you need to create an account.

  • Enter your details in the "Create Your YouTube Account" form, including email address, a password, a unique user name and other required information.
  • Read the Terms of Service and check the "I agree" box before clicking on "Create my account."
  • Check the email address you provided when signing up and follow the instructions to complete the registration.
  • Email Nova Social so we can add your Twitter page to the Social Media Chart.

Consider your username and brand it so that it clearly identifies your department, organization or college as being a part of NSU. Use an NSU based name appropriate for your department, organization or college. Include information in your profile that describes the type of content that can be found in your channel and website. Be sure to encourage your followers to add comments, rate, share, and to subscribe to your channel. Additionally, make sure that you link to your website and include your contact information outside of YouTube.

Optimization Tactics

  • Video Titles should contain the most important keywords. Remember to load the keywords in the beginning of your title and make sure it's interesting!
  • Video Tags should be relevant to the content of your video. Quotes and hyphens are most important for keyword phrases. For example, "Nova Southeastern" or "Nova-Southeastern" can be your most paramount tags.
  • Video Descriptions allow for further optimization with more keywords and links to your website. Load your keyword phrases in your description three or four times as well as links to your website at the beginning and end of the text.

Tips for Marketing on YouTube

There are going to be a lot of tools YouTube has created for marketing your video. Here are some of the most effective tools to help you spread the news.

  1. "Share" buttons below each video enable users to share that particular video via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and more. Remember, the more friends and followers you have, the greater distribution for your message.
  2. "Post Bulletin" tab on your channel page allows you to post a message with a link to all of your channel's subscribers.
  3. Send subscription invitations to all of your friends.
  4. Make sure your video appeals to the community. When adding video content to your channel, make sure that each video has a clear message and is not obscure and confusing.
  5. Promote on multiple social platforms.

Connecting with Nova Southeastern University

By connecting with Nova Southeastern on YouTube, you will help create a common voice for the University. Our goal is to create synergy across all divisions and organizations, selling the university as a destination unto itself. With every faculty, division or organization connected, we can expand our market reach, attracting more students to the university overall.

Go to Nova Southeastern University's account and subscribe to our channel. This will expose your organization to all of our followers right from the start.

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