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Meet a Current Student

Katie Sleboda

Major: Secondary English Education
Year: Junior
Hometown: Providence, RI

"My favorite aspect of being a part of a premier program would be the opportunities I am provided with. Having the opportunities to be a leader, and to become highly involved with my school is phenomenal. Being a part of a premier program makes me feel like I belong to something big. Working with students who share my passions and motives in life makes a higher education worth more than the average person can say."

What would you have liked to know about The Fischler Academy when you were first applying and interviewing for it?
Something I would have liked to know is that you can apply for more than one program! Interviewing for more than one program gives you a better chance to really know what you are looking for.  Knowing what you want in a program makes it easier to decide which one to go after! 

What tips do you have for students interviewing?

To all of the students who are lucky enough to interview for these outstanding programs, be yourself.  Be personable, and show us how you can contribute to our school and community! Also, a great skill is relating the questions to past experiences that show different aspects of what makes you stand out. 

What type of student would succeed in this program?

The type of student that would succeed in this program is the type who wants to stand out, and accomplish great things. The student who is a natural hard worker will achieve exceptional goals, and these programs are made for students who want to be exceptional. We are motivated students who want to positively impact the world, community, and the lives of others. 

Can you name one or two events that really stand out to you? 

An event that really stood out to me would be experiencing Shark Preview Weekend.  This was my first time being away from home on my own, and seeing what college life is really like, and being completely independent.  Shark Preview weekend was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can honestly say that some of the best friends I have ever made were at these events.  

How do you think this changed your experience at NSU? 

Seeing this school for the first time made my experience at NSU very enjoyable.  It provided me nothing but excitement and left me in awe.  This event made me realize the culture of the school; everyone is very nice and hard working.  This experience made me want to be a part of the bigger picture, to add to this wonderful community and prepared me for a successful college experience.

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