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Marissa Brooks, BS

Marissa Brooks
Research Assistant
(954) 262-4173

Marissa is a Research Assistant for the Genomics Core Facility at NSU’s Center for Collaborative Research (CCR). She is responsible for next-generation sequencing, NanoString applications, and provides support for sample preparation and quality control services. While completing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida, Marissa worked in collaboration with a graduate student to compile data for a project studying gopher tortoise disease, genetics/ecology, and relocation. Specifically, she analyzed how temporary exclusion and relocation of the tortoises may have impacted their immune activation and response to two microorganisms known to promote the development of upper respiratory tract disease. She continued an active role in this research and its associated laboratory up until joining NSU’s Genomics Core Facility.

Marissa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Central Florida.

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