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Razor's Edge Research

Razor's Edge Shark Cage Scholars Program

The Razor’s Edge Shark Cage Scholars Program is a combined bachelor’s and master’s program for first time in college students interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  Similar to the popular television show “Shark Tank” Shark Cage students identify business opportunities; gain the necessary knowledge and skills to launch a business; manage limited resources; and, develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  Shark Cage students present Shark Pitches and Shark Funding Pitches for a business; and they start, run, and serve as CEO to a team of students in the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy in an on-campus business that engages the campus community. 

The Shark Cage Program provides meaningful learning experiences inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom through curriculum created by real-world professionals.  Shark Cage students actively involved in leadership initiatives in the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy, and throughout campus. Shark Cage students required to take an Entrepreneurship minor and a Venture Creation minor, which requires students to participate in a special summer boot camp. 

Through the co-curricular activities, students participate in service projects and bi-monthly conclave meetings, build their leadership skills, and serve as student mentors. Shark Cage students provided with numerous mentoring and networking opportunities with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and NSU faculty members.  Students get a glimpse into the minds of successful, high-profile entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Distinguished Lecture Series.  They meet face-to-face and dialogue with Executives in Residence.  They will be prepared to start their own business, purchase an existing business, buy a franchise, organize the launch of new products or services, or work for an existing business and lead the development of a new division. 

Upon successfully completing the program, the Razor’s Edge Shark Cage students will demonstrate their entrepreneurial mindset; have an understanding of what it is to be part of a cutting-edge entrepreneurial program; and, receive an investment from NSU toward their own business start-up. Through opportunity recognition they will recognize, create, and develop ideas; evaluate those ideas against market needs; and, convert the good ideas into business opportunities and be true representatives of what NSU expects from its students—entrepreneurial leaders with a strong moral compass starting and growing socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable businesses.

Requirements: Interested in developing and launching a business that will benefit the greater university. Students are required to live on campus.

Award Amount: $23,000 ($19,000 tuition, $3,500 on-campus housing, $500 declining balance meal plan)

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