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Razor's Edge Research

Razor's Edge Research Seminars / Other Program Requirements


October 2, 2018: Dr. Susan S. Kabot, Ed.D., CCC-SLP:
Current State of Autism Intervention Research & the Challenges of Researching in Natural Environments


November 28, 2017: Dr. David W. Kerstetter Ph.D:
Frontline Experiences from Changing Fisheries Bycatch Paradigms

 October 17, 2017: Dr. Johnathan Banks Ph.D:
Stress, Cognitive Control, and The Wandering Mind: Can Mindfulness Help?

 April 8, 2017: Dr. Peter A. Sprague, PT, DPT, OCS
Sharks Taking A Bite out Athletic Injuries

 February 4, 2017: Dr. Ronald Chenail, Ph.D:
Qualitative Research Is Child's Play: An Experiential Workshop


November 12, 2016: Dr. Vincent B. Van Hasselt:
Psychological Approaches with First Responders:
Current Strategies and Issues
Crisis/Hostage Negotiation PowerPoint

Other Requirements


  • Earn a grade of “B” (3.0) or better in each undergraduate level course used to satisfy the Research Minor.
    • Any F grade or any type of withdrawal after the Drop/Add period will result in programmatic probation. Continued failing grades and/or class drops will lead to program dismissal.
  • All credit hours in the Research Studies Minor must be earned at Nova Southeastern University.
  • No credit by exam (TSD, Military, Dual Enrollment, CLEP, etc.) may be used.
  • Internship, Co-Op, or Independent Study credit cannot be used toward the Research Studies Minor.
  • Participants must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Participants cannot drop below a full-time academic status until the last semester of their senior year (minimum of 12 credit hours).
  • Participants must meet all co-curricular requirements.
  • Participants must be in good conduct standing with NSU at all times.
  • The Research Studies Minor will be awarded only at the time of NSU degree completion.
  • Please note that requirements and classes are subject to change based upon availability, university conditions, programmatic need, etc.


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