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NSU Parking FAQ

Where can I park if I am a Non-Resident Student?

You can park in any surface lot or parking garage “General parking space”. Please note; when looking for parking, a large number of parking spaces are available in the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology parking garage, located across from the library at the Ray Ferrero Blvd campus entrance.  Also, there is available parking at the West Parking Garage, located south of the Terry Administration Building and west of the main entrance to campus.

Where can I park if I’m a Resident Student?

Resident Students can park in their assigned Residential parking lot 24/7.There is no parking permitted on campus for Resident Students, except for:

  • Rolling Hills Students are allowed to park in the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology parking garage 24/7.
  • All other Resident Students can only park in their assigned Residential parking lot and the Upper levels of the West Parking Garage anytime.

Where can’t I park on campus if I’m a student?

  • Resident Students cannot park on campus, except their assigned Residential parking lot and the upper levels of the West Garage.
  • Non-Residential Students cannot park in the Residential parking lots.
  • Both, Residential and Non-Residential students may not park in a “Reserved”, handicapped, or carpool or service vehicle space unless you have a corresponding permit.
  • You may not park on sidewalks, roadsides, on grassy areas (unless it has been assigned for that purpose), or in “No Parking” zones.

Where can I park if I’m an NSU staff/faculty?

Faculty and staff can park in any surface lot or parking garage where there are no specified “Reserved spaces”. For more information on reserved spaces please contact the Public Safety Department at

If I’m a student, staff/faculty from a regional campus other than Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale Davie (main) campus, and I have a valid vehicle permit, do I have to pay to park when visiting the Fort Lauderdale Davie or the Tampa campus?

Your non-paid student vehicle permit for regional campus will not authorize you gate access or parking privileges in student permit lots on these two campuses.  If you visit these campuses frequently, you may wish to consider purchasing a paid student vehicle permit for these locations.

I’m an online student. If I visit any of the main campus or the Tampa Campus, do I have to pay to park?

Yes, you can use the PayByPhone application (pay by license plate) on any accessed lot, or you can park on lots where there is also (in addition to PayByPhone) multi-space parking meters. If you visit these campuses frequently, you may wish to consider purchasing a paid student vehicle permit for these locations.

What do I do if my vehicle permit is lost or stolen?

You must contact the One Stop Shop located at the Horvitz Administration building or Terry building to report your vehicle permit as lost or stolen. Two or more vehicle permit replacements within the same school year have a cost of $25 per permit.

Can I apply for a vehicle permit with a temporary license plate on my car and then just change the license plate on file when I get my permanent plate?

Yes, anytime you purchase a new license plate, please contact the One Stop Shop to update your information/registration.

What are my parking options if I do not want to register my vehicle to obtain an NSU vehicle permit?

If you decide not to purchase a paid vehicle permit you will pay to park at the rate of $1/hour on any available surface lot or parking garage. You may download the PayByPhone app and create an account.

Are vehicle permit restrictions ever lifted?

Parking enforcement is 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Why do I have to appeal a parking citation even if I didn’t do anything wrong?

Any citations that you dispute must go through the citation appeal process. Appeal Committee members are the only individuals allowed to determine fault and render judgments on citation appeals. Lack of knowledge of NSU Traffic and Parking Policies is not an acceptable justification to appeal a parking citation.

Can I register more than one vehicle with my NSU vehicle permit?

Yes, however, only one vehicle at a time is allowed to park on NSU property at any given time.

Will the automatic payroll deduction for parking fees be offered on a pre-tax basis?

No. based on current IRS regulations, the employee parking fees paid through payroll deduction will be reflected on employee pay stubs as an after-tax deduction from wages.

Is my parking permit fee a tax deductible expense?

Per IRS Publication 463, “Fees you pay to park at your place of work are nondeductible commuting expenses.” Employees should always consult their tax advisor about their personal income taxes.

What is the process for adjunct faculty?

As an adjunct faculty, you do not pay for the permit. when you go register your vehicle the form will ask for your adjunct credentials and the form will have the box to mark adjunct.

Is an NSU employee exempt from paying the parking fee?

No, the permit fee of $200/year is the same for all NSU employees, contractors/vendors.

Do I have to pay the parking fee if I walk or get drop off?

If you do not drive a vehicle and park on campus (ie; carpool, dropped off) you do not have to get a permit.

If I am an employee and a student, am I going to get charged both?

You will not be charged both. You only pay the Student Activity Fee.

Do new employee permits need to be purchased by July 1, 2019?

It is required by all NSU employees who operate or park a motor vehicle on NSU Campus to have a parking permit by July 1st, 2019.

How will the employees who park downtown be impacted in terms of their taxes?

Downtown employees will be sent a separate memo regarding the impact of the parking fee.

My spouse and I drive to work together, but we do have two vehicles, and on certain circumstances we do drive both vehicles to work. Do we have to pay for two permits now

  • You can have the two vehicles registered in one permit, just as long as one vehicle at a time is parked on campus.
  • You have the choice to purchase each vehicle a permit ($200 +$200) to avoid a violation, or if you don't drive both vehicles that often you can chose the 2nd vehicle to pay to park for that day at $1/hour.

Is the UPP parking lot considered NSU property? If so, will NSU employees that park there have to pay as well?

Yes, it is part of the Ft. Lauderdale/Davie campus.

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