NSU University School Student/Parent Handbook 2016-2017

Page 45 PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Parent volunteers are a very important part of our total school program. Through their participation, parents are afforded the opportunity to share their time, talents, and interests with students and teachers. The University Family Organization (UFO) is the parent group established to work in support of NSU University School and its programs. All parents are encouraged to participate in the UFO. Through the UFO, parents may help as grade parents, library volunteers, or book fair volunteers or assist with special events during the school year. The UFO Athletic Council is the parent group established to work in support of the athletic program at NSU University School. Parents of participating athletes, as well as all other parents who are interested in promoting athletics within the school, are encouraged to become actively involved in this organization. For more information contact the current UFO President. The UFO Arts Council is the parent group established to work in support of the arts program at NSU University School. Parents of students in performing, visual, and/or theatrical arts within the school are encouraged to become actively involved in this organization. For more information, please contact the standing UFO president. VISITORS Because of the impact to the smooth operation of the facility, visitations that include, for example, impromptu conferences with teachers without prior appointment, student visitors of enrolled students, or observations cannot be accommodated. Additionally, NSU University School cannot serve as a vehicle for parent visitations involving custody issues. The following policies on visitors are designed to insure that unnecessary instructional disruptions do not occur. 1. Adult visitors are required to check in through the main office and provide identification through the EASY LOBBY system. 2. No provisions are made for student visitors unless arranged through the admissions office. 3. Persons on campus for the purpose of providing transportation at the beginning or close of the school day are to remain with their vehicles and are not to interfere with the school program in any way. FIELD TRIPS AND PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITIES (Lower School) The school is committed to the belief that learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Therefore, field trips are a regular part of our school program. Each field trip is used as an introduction, extension, and/or culmination of a learning unit. All children are expected to participate in extra-curricular, school-based local field trips. These trips are not optional and are funded by the activity fee, which is paid annually and is separate from tuition. Students will be transported to and from field trips by bus transportation. For Lower School parents who choose to transport their child to the field trip location themselves must comply with the following policies. All costs related to field trip admission, for both parent and child, will be the responsibility of the parent. Additionally, the parent will also be solely responsible for the supervision of the child while he/she attends the field trip. If the child has not physically been at school on the morning of the field trip day, the child will be counted as absent by NSU University School. If the child is in attendance at school prior to the field trip, the parent must sign for his/her release in order to transport him/her to the location. In order for a child to participate in field trip activities or other special events, payment of the activity fee must be received. Students for whom the activity fee has not been received will remain in school with another grade or in an alternative location during field trips or special events. Advance permission in the form of written agreement is required from the parent or guardian of each child for each trip. ADDRESSING ACADEMIC ISSUES There are times when a parent needs to express concern or ask a question about a specific class. In such cases, parents should follow the procedures described below. 1 Academic problems, concerns, or questions related to a specific class should always be directed to the individual teacher first. 2 If, after this discussion takes place, the matter is not resolved, parents should next talk with the team leader