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UGA Fall 2022 Viewbook

2 With the support of your own personal academic and career coach, you’ll discover the best within yourself. NSU’s Experiential Education and Learning program (ExEL) gives you a competitive edge. You’ll benefit from hands-on, group learning experiences, a dedicated career coach for all four years, and faculty mentorship through research or community service projects, as well as earn credits for internships, leadership, and study abroad. You’ll graduate with a strong sense of direction and a portfolio of polished work, real-world skills, and professional experience to make you stand out in today’s market. START A STEP AHEAD. STAY A STEP AHEAD. T h e N S U E d g e JAMIE P., COMMUNICATION MAJOR CHARLIE GRIFFITH, CAREER COACH JAMIE: Remember our first conversation? I was so stressed because I couldn’t decide between teaching and nursing. CHARLIE: But those doubts are common. So many students come in with competing passions. That’s why we have the freshman immersion class. JAMIE: I’m so glad you suggested that. Getting to actually experience what it’s like to be a teacher was amazing. After that, it was a no-brainer. Learn more about the undergraduate experience at CHARLIE: Well, that’s the cool thing about it. You get to figure things out early on. And yeah, you sure seem a lot less stressed. JAMIE: Here’s to pep talks and lattes.