UGA Fall 2022 Viewbook

1 W H A T ’ S I N S I D E Sharks always move forward. They’re strong. Intelligent. Fast. Adaptable. They always come out on top. At NSU, we create Sharks by giving you an edge from day one, then helping you sharpen it. You’re more than a student. And, you’ll become more than a professional. You’ll outsmart, outperform, and outlast the competition. You’ll enter your profession as a force of nature. The NSU edge makes you unstoppable. PREPARE TO DOMINATE. 02–03 04–05 06–07 NSU Edge Areas of Study Premier Programs Education and Teaching Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Campus Life Shark Preview Weekends Medical Health Care, Nursing, and Psychology Marine Biology and Sciences Business, Criminal Justice, and Law Computer Science, Engineering, and IT Athletics, Sports, and Wellness South Florida Lifestyle Admissions and Application Process Financial Aid and Scholarships Fast Facts Visit Campus 08–09 14–15 16–17 18–19 20–2 1 22–23 24–25 26–27 28–29 30–31 32–33 34–35 36–37 I love NSU, because the people are very friendly. They make you feel comfortable here. And the weather is amazing.” DONIQUE E., NEUROSCIENCE 10–11 12–13