050-20 NSU TRED Annual Report FY2020_WEB

NSU TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1 It is my pleasure to report that research at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has weathered the challenges of 2020 well and is robust and growing. In response to the pandemic, we instituted appropriate safety protocols and continued research activity throughout. Ultimately, Fiscal Year 2020 had great activity in the area of external funding, with total cumulative active awards of approximately $127 million. We are now poised to successfully conclude the Vision 2020 campaign and start the Vision 2025 campaign. The Vision 2025 Research Master Plan positions NSU Research to grow our research capacity as we undertake strategic efforts to pursue cross and multidisciplinary research. Our belief in the importance of innovative research and superior scholarship is the foundation for expanding our research vision, in turn, supported by a heightened research infrastructure. Basic, applied, clinical, and commercial research are all essential to enhance the student’s education experience, attract highly qualified faculty, grow the clinical practice, and translate research for the good of the public. Activities to support these pillars, and the more than 200 research projects currently underway at NSU, include a special task force to leverage stimulus funding opportunities. NSU Research operations and initiatives are products of continuous quality improvement. NSU’s research space allocation process has been centralized with a new university policy and facility-specific guidelines. This enables the increased effective use of space, which results in increased contribution to operating expenses. In collaboration with NSU colleges, we are actively involved in research recruiting to build NSU’s research portfolio. We have instituted new virtual researcher support resources that include an NSU research equipment inventory, grant abstract database, and grant proposal templates and guides. This fall, online NSU Network Chats launched as well as other virtual collaboration initiatives to support COVID-19 grant project ideas. We are committed to providing the support and resources that will build NSU’s research activities and achieve the ambitious growth set out in Vision 2025. Gary S. Margules, Sc.D. Vice President, Office of Research and Technology Transfer VICE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE