TRED Annual Report FY2016

It is my pleasure to present this summary of our progress in Fiscal Year 2016. This year, we have seen major advancements of our research agenda as we created new facilities and welcomed nationally and world-renowned scientists and faculty researchers to our team. We are working to cure disease through collaboration, global enterprise, and innovation in order to make a widespread and lasting positive impact on humanity. Though our university is young, the achievements in research this year have been extraordinary. In order to efficiently address key issues facing humanity, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has established several research institutes and centers using a multidisciplinary, interprofessional approach. Within the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) these currently include the NSU Cell Therapy Institute; the NSU Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine; the NSU Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research; the NSU AutoNation Institute for Breast and Solid Tumor Cancer Research; the NSU Institute for Natural and Ocean Sciences Research; and the NSU Emil Buehler Research Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This progress in growing our research capacity is critical as we undertake new initiatives that will change the face of NSU. We are making strategic efforts to pursue cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research, and collaboration and translational research are essential characteristics of our plan for the future. With the establishment of the Center for Collaborative Research, NSU continues to expand its research capacity and is at a pivotal point with the opening of the facility, one of the cornerstones of our vision for the future of this great institution of higher learning. I look forward to this future, and another year of outstanding accomplishment. Sincerely, H. Thomas Temple, M.D. Senior Vice President Translational Research and Economic Development (TRED) Senior Vice President’s Message