TRED Annual Report FY2016

26 NSU OFFICE OF CLINICAL RESEARCH Support Services BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES CONSULTATION SERVICES CONTRACT SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES LIABILITY SERVICES COORDINATING SERVICES TRAINING SERVICES WEB SERVICES Present new clinical trial opportunities to faculty members for consideration and determine their feasibility through database queries. Determine the study’s feasibility and help faculty members plan a research trial. Review and negotiate confidential disclosure agreements, clinical trial agreements, and other contracts as the faculty advocate. Assist faculty members in developing an accurate budget and negotiating payment terms. Work directly with risk management and submit all the necessary information on a faculty member’s behalf, ensuring the study is approved and covered by NSU’s insurance carrier. Coordinate and perform clinical trial activities and procedures, serve as Institutional Review Board (IRB) liaison. Provide training and preparation services, including Collaborative Institute Training Initiative (CITI) courses such as the Basic Course, Good Clinical Practice, and Responsible Conduct of Research. Information, tools, forms, and explanation of web services can be found at .