The Current 2020

Oreintation 2020 | Welcome Shark translations At NSU, we have our own language when it comes to locations, events and campus resources. Here are a few translations of some of the common lingo we use around campus. Fins up: The signature pose for NSU where the participant stretches their arms above their head, clasping hands together to a point, resembling the fin of a shark. Campus Locations: Commons Pagoda : The outdoor space outside The Commons and between FFV, or the Founders, Farquhar and Vettel residence halls, where barbecue grills, umbrellas and covered seating, as well as a volleyball court, are housed. Cabanas: The Flight Deck outdoor swings and seating area. DeSantis: The Carl DeSantis Building, known as the business school, in which many other curriculums are also offered. Flight Deck patio or lawn : The grass area outside of Flight Deck in between the outdoor seating area. HPD: The Health Professions Division, which houses offices for medical faculty, the dental building and clinic, the NSU Clinic Pharmacy and the NSU Student Medical Center. Library Quad: The plot of land directly adjacent to the Alvin Sherman Library, used for events like Waterworks. Outtakes: The small store next to the UC Dining Area where you can purchase snacks, drinks, medical and other supplies. PVA: The Performing and Visual Arts wing, which is found on the second floor of the UC and features areas like the Black Box Theatre and Gallery 217. Many visual art, theatre and film courses are conducted in this wing. Razor’s Reef: The main dining hall in the UC where students can eat meals and sit down with friends (excluding The Pit). RecWell: The Recreational and Wellness Center, located inside the UC on the left side of the building where the gym and other rooms for fitness classes can be found. Rosenthal: Rosenthal Student Center houses RadioX, StudentsAffairs, the SLCE and SOuRCe offices, as well as many other offices. SAB: The StudentAffairs Building houses the Office of Student Affairs on the first floor, the Tutoring and Testing Center on the second floor and the Office of Student Media on the third floor where you could find The Current and SUTV. Shark Circle: Shark Circle is the roundabout area in front of the UC that has the Shark Fountain, which showcases our mascot in the center. The Pit: The sunken-in area of the UC where students can study, eat and participate in events. UC : The Don Taft University Center, which encompasses the Rick Case Arena, PVA, Flight Deck, Razor’s Reef, Outtakes, Office of Campus Life and RecPlex. UC Spine: The center hallway of the UC where events like S.E.AThursdays and Student Employment Job Fairs take place. Residence Halls: CLC: The Cultural Living Center is an apartment-style living area on campus for students who have lived on campus for 1-3 terms or are non-freshmen or transfer students. Commons: The Commons Residence Hall available for undergraduate freshman housing. FFV: Farquhar, Founders and Vettel apartments on campus. These undergraduate housing complexes are for non-freshmen, transfer students or students who have lived on campus for 1-3 academic terms. Goodwin: The Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall available for undergraduate freshman housing. Mako: Mako Hall is NSU’s newest housing option, which opened in 2019 and available for all undergraduate students. This apartment style housing is fully furnished with an in-unit washer and dryer, full-sized beds and kitchen appliances. Rolling Hills: The Rolling Hills Apartments opened in August 2008 are about one mile from the main campus. They house over 300 students in fully furnished studios or 4 bedroom apartments. Events: Convocation: The welcoming ceremony for new NSU students. S.E.A Thursday: The S.E.A Board- sanctioned event traditionally held in the UC Spine, which features clubs and other organizations on campus where you can join and get free swag. Sharkapalooza: An annual event featuring performances, giveaways, music and other fun activities. WaterWorks: An annual event involving music, games and water fun. Weeks of Welcome (WOW): The first few weeks of the semester in which events are held to welcome NSU students back to campus for the fall and winter semesters. Resources: DB: Declining balance, which is found on your SharkCard that is swiped for any food items on campus. ExEL units: experiential units or credits that are required for graduation distributed by the Career Development Office. iShark: the smartphone application which allows students to check their schedule, check shuttle routes, game schedules and other capabilities. JobX: an online platform accessible through SharkLink which helps students find on campus job opportunities. N number: The number given to each student that starts with an N and ends with eight numbers. Ex: N01234567. This number is used for various forms and other activities on campus. RA: The Residential Assistant, who is on every floor, and sometimes sections of the residential halls, to help students become acclimated to the NSU campus, connect students campus resources and address facility concerns involving on-campus housing. RadioX: NSU’s student radio station broadcasting on 88.5 FM with popular shows like the “Not So Urley Morning Show RSO: An on-campus registered student organization. S.E.A Board: The Student Event and Activities Board that organizes events that students can participate in to get involved on campus. SharkCard: The card that functions as your ID on campus, which can be used to access printing services, dining and other information. SharkLearn: NSU’s Canvas platform that can be accessed online via nsu.instructure. com. SharkLink: The online platform that connects students to academic records, financial aid documents and other important links to a variety of useful platforms such as Webstar. SharkMail: The NSU email service powered by Microsoft Office which each student is provided with in their first semester to communicate with professors and use for a variety of other applications. SLCE (pronounced “slice”): The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement, which empowers students to get involved in leadership and service-based educational opportunities to promote critical thinking and inspire students to get involved in their local communities. SOuRCe: The Student Organization Resource Center, which gives students support in the organizations they are involved in and helps students find organizations that best suit their interests as well information to start their own. SUTV: The Sharks United Television network available on cable channel 96, which features original shorts as well as recently released films. The Current: NSU’s student-run newspaper which publishes NSU and local news as well as student interest stories every Tuesday and online at By: Christina McLaughlin Co-Editor-in-Chief PRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM STUDENT MEDIA The Current showcasing their office at the Annual Community Fest