NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

54 Objectionable Why Preferable lame, paralytic, gimp, Demeaning walks with a cane; uses withered crutches monster, vegetable, Robs people with severe disabilities of the child has multiple creature, freak their humanity or severe disabilities mentally ill, crazy, insane, Outdated and stigmatizing mental disability; behavior psycho, nut, maniac, disorder; emotional former mental patient disability; mentally restored retard, slow, simpleminded, Demeaning people with mental idiot, Mongoloid retardation spastic, spazz Demeaning has seizures, cerebral has fits palsy, epilepsy, etc. “special” Distancing and inappropriate, patronizing; none is needed describes that which is different about any person physically challenged Euphemisms avoid reality and rob people a person has a physical, handicapable, incon- of dignity sensory, or mental venienced, differently abled disability inspirational, People with disabilities are not collectively acknowledge the person’s courageous inspirational or courageous abilities and individuality isn’t it wonderful how Inaccurate: People live with a disability; accept people for who he/she has overcome his/ they have to overcome attitudinal, social, they are, including that her disability? architectural, educational, transportation, they have a disability and employment barriers