NSU Publications Style Manual

iii Why an NSU Style Manual? Style affects language in the same way it affects people. We all follow a basic set of laws and mores that allows us to live in a peaceful civilized society, yet we also dress differently, prefer different foods, and enjoy different forms of entertainment. Similarly, our language employs a set of rules that must be followed in order to make communication possible, although differences often arise in the way words are used, phrased, and written. Like any large corporation or institution, Nova Southeastern University each year produces thousands of publications that describe our services to clients, students, associates, and the general public. These include catalogs, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, invitations, flyers, and more. Because these publications convey our image and message to thousands of people, maintaining high standards of accuracy and consistency is essential to exhibiting a positive, professional image of the university. As a service to the university community and its clients, the Editorial Board of Nova Southeastern University created the NSUStyleManual, a nonacademic, in-house reference source that includes hundreds of entries, some related specifically to university-related issues and others to frequently cited style questions. It was created to give the writers and editors of promotional and marketing materials answers to their questions about style and usage. While the manual applies to all material processed by the Office of Publications, it does not attempt to address the style for other kinds of writing, e.g., academic papers, memorandums, and personal correspondence. How to use it In order to make the NSU Style Manual as easy as possible to use, entries have been arranged alphabetically. In addition to the regular listing, the manual includes • a guide to punctuation and usage • a guide to using concise language • a listing of NSU addresses • a listing of NSU academic and administrative units, campuses, and facilities • a discussion of copyright law • a section on proper terminology in the use of phrases referring to people with disabilities • a glossary of publication and printing terms • a list of proofreader’s marks The manual uses The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) as its preferred style source and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (MW) as its preferred dictionary. These are the two most commonly cited sources in other university style manuals, and both have online versions that are continually being updated. If you have questions that are not addressed in these sources, please contact the university editor. Your input is important The NSU Style Manual is not intended to be an allinclusive, comprehensive study of style. Nor should it be interpreted as commandments, an edict, or a dictum. Rather it is a guide to help our writers and editors maintain consistency in university publications, and in doing so, enhance and maintain the university’s professional image. We recognize that usage may conflict with that accepted by certain target audiences and that differences of opinion will arise. Please keep in mind that we are attempting to create one brand voice for the entire university, not just one academic or administrative unit. The manual is subject to change by consensus, and we look forward to addressing suggestions for revisions or supplementary entries or updates. Please address all questions or suggestions to the university editor at (954) 262-8863 or the associate editor at (954) 262-8857. Visit the Printing and Publications website at nova.edu/publications for the most up-to-date information on the services we offer. Foreword