NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

36 transfer, transferred, transferring travel, traveled, traveling, traveler Note the spelling for these words. tricounty (adj.) One word, no hyphen T-shirt Note the capitalization. turnaround (noun) One word, no hyphen turn around (verb) Two words TV Acceptable as an adjective or in such constructions as cable TV. Generally, though, use television as the noun. undergraduate (adj., noun) Avoid using the slang, undergrad in formal writing. under way Two words unique This word means “having no like or equal.” Logically, a thing cannot be “more unique,” “most unique,” or “very unique.” Try substituting another word: novel, exceptional, remarkable, rare, inimitable, peerless, incomparable, uncommon, unusual. See also premier and priority. until Use the full word. Do not abbreviate it to till or ’til. -up (suffix) Follow MW; hyphenate if the word is not listed there. Sample nouns/adjectives: breakup, checkup, cleanup, close-up, follow-up, grown-up, makeup, mix-up, mock-up, pileup, runners-up, setup, shape-up BUT when any of these occur as a verb, write the word/ suffix as two words. URL addresses URL (no periods) stands for uniform resource locator. This is the web address used to access sites on the Internet. Always italicize the URL. Do not underline. Include a period if the URL comes at the end of a sentence, but do not hyphenate if it is broken at the end of a line. • The web address for Nova Southeastern University is nova.edu. See also computer terms. See also web addresses (URLs) and website vs. web page. U.S. Use the abbreviation as an adjective, but not as a noun, for United States. When you need a noun, either write out United States or use the nation. Don’t use USA or America. See also America. utilize Do not use utilize when use will suffice. • The subjects of this study will use computers. • NOT The subjects of this study will utilize computers. U