NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

31 You can avoid the whole question of singular vs. plural, and can also sound much more modern, by simply replacing all those wordy phrases with concerning or about. See also as per. religious titles Protestant variants Official title: the Reverend James Neal, minister of the Third Presbyterian Church. In conversational address: Mr. (or Dr.) Neal. For letters/written reference: Rev. James Neal. Casual/generic reference: the minister (or, for Church of the Brethren, the pastor). Roman Catholic variants Official title: the Reverend John Dunn, pastor of Saint Thomas Aquinas Church. In conversational address: Father Dunn. For letters/written reference: Father Dunn. Casual/generic reference: the pastor. Jewish variants Official titles: Rabbi Abraham Belinsky, rabbi of Temple Sinai. In conversational address: Rabbi Belinsky. For letters/written reference: Capitalize these titles before an individual’s full name on first reference: Rabbi Abraham Belinsky. On second reference, use only the title and last name or just the title. Casual/generic reference: the rabbi. Cantor is treated the same as rabbi. residence hall Use this term rather than dormitory. résumé Uses accent marks to distinguish it from the word resume. Round Table vs. roundtable Use Round Table to describe King Arthur and his knights or when specifically used in a name. Use roundtable to describe meetings, conferences, and deliberations held in such a manner. RSVP All uppercase; no periods. Do not say “Please RSVP,” as RSVP means “please respond.” rules and regulations Both a cliche and a redundant phrase; avoid. said, says Use said with direct and partial quotes, as well as paraphrases. • “NSU is a beautiful campus,” said the visiting student. • NOT The visiting student says NSU is a beautiful campus. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Use no periods in the abbreviation and no commas in the scores of this exam administered by the College Board. See also ACT, GRE, and PSAT. Scripture, Scriptures, scriptural Note capitalization. seasons Lowercase fall, winter, spring, and summer. See also capitalization. See also dates. Season’s Greetings self- (prefix) Hyphenate unless preceded by un- or followed by a suffix. See also compound words. semester hours No hyphen serial or Oxford comma See the Guide to Punctuation and Usage on page 43. sexism Sexist biases are encoded in our language. To help perpetuate a vocabulary that is fair to both women and men, use ungendered language whenever you can. Examples • firefighter, NOT fireman • U.S. representative, NOT congressman • chair, NOT chairman • businessperson, NOT businessman When possible, avoid he and his as inclusive references. S