NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

28 period See the Guide to Punctuation and Usage on page 42. person See individual and people. personally Wordy padding; avoid. • I admire this beautiful campus. • NOT Personally, I admire this beautiful campus. Ph.D. See academic degrees. phone numbers At NSU, we distinguish between area codes (e.g., 954, 305), which are enclosed in parentheses, and billing codes (e.g., 800, 888), which are separated from the main number by a hyphen rather than by parentheses. Drop the 1 preceding all billing and area codes. When several different communication options are listed together at the end of a brochure or a block of copy, make the format as consistent as possible. • Telephone: (954) 262-7300, ext. 28100 • Toll free: 800-541-6682, ext. 28100 • Fax: (954) 262-3954 See also ext. and fax. physician assistant, physician’s assistant NSU uses the former designation for its degree program. plurals See apostrophe in the Guide to Punctuation and Usage on page 41. plus Colloquially, plus is considered acceptable as a synonym for and or moreover, but use it sparingly, if at all. Don’t use plus to start a sentence; substitute furthermore. p.m. See a.m. P.O. Post Office—capital letters with periods, no space between the letters point in time At this point in time is redundant. Instead, say at this point or at this time. Better yet, simply say now. possessives See apostrophe in the Guide to Punctuation and Usage on page 41. postbaccalaureate, postdoctoral, postdoctorate, postgraduate, postprofessional, postsecondary All are one word, no hyphen postcard (noun) post-master’s (adj.) After a master’s degree postmasters Having to do with the person in charge of the post office practicum (noun) The plural is practicums. preadmission, prelaw, premed, preprofessional One word, no hypen prefixes See compound words. pre-K When an abbreviated word has a prefix, a hyphen is placed between the two. Recommended usage in running text is as follows: • Our Mailman Segal Center Parenting Place’s pre-K classes are extremely popular. In headlines, capitalize both elements. • Toddlers Flock to Pre-K Classes