NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

25 Nova Southeastern University, Nova University Unless referring to the university specifically before it merged with Southeastern University of the Health Sciences (1994), use the full name of Nova Southeastern University. NSU can be used for references that follow. Do not use Nova. I work at Nova Southeastern University. He graduated from what was then Nova University. NSU campuses Our university has four campuses, which are to be referred to and capitalized as follows: • Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus • East Campus • Oceanographic Campus • North Miami Beach Campus NSU also has several regional campuses, locations, or sites. The eight Florida and Puerto Rico campuses, other than the four listed above, are collectively referred to as regional campuses. Their full, formal names are • NSU Fort Myers Campus • NSU Jacksonville Campus • NSU Miami Campus • NSU Miramar Campus • NSU Orlando Campus • NSU Palm Beach Campus • NSU Tampa Campus • NSU Puerto Rico Regional Campus In running text, the regional campuses can be referred to simply by their location (e.g., NSU Miami, NSU Puerto Rico). The Tampa Campus opening in Clearwater will be referred to as the NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus. See NSU Addresses on pages 44 and 45. See NSU Academic and Administrative Units and Facilities on pages 46 and 47. NSU-specific terms Note the spelling and capitalization for these terms. • Academical Village • AcademicFest • AQUALERT • CommunityFest • JobX • SharkLearn, SharkLink, Sharks, SharkTalent, SharkTime numbers Spell out whole numbers and ordinal numbers from one through nine; use figures for all other numbers. • He is four years old. • These 30 students came from 11 states. • This will be his fourth trip to Europe. • The celebration marks the center’s 35th year of service. Use a comma in numbers of 1,000 or more (unless you’re reporting SAT scores or dates, which take no commas). • Her essay summarizes 2,000 years of Christian history. • She felt lucky to get a 1400 on the SAT. • He graduated in 2009. Numbers applicable to the same category should be treated alike within the same context. If any number within a category is over nine, all numbers in the category are to be expressed as numerals—except if a number falls at the beginning of a sentence (see below). • Although her brother was 14 and she only 8, Ramona couldn’t believe his judgment superior to hers. Spell out a number at the beginning of a sentence, regardless of the inconsistencies this may create. If your sentence then seems too cumbersome, rearrange the sentence so that the number falls later. • One hundred ten men and 103 women will graduate this spring. • OR This spring’s graduating class includes 110 men and 103 women.