NSU Style Manual and Publications Service Guide

11 computer terms • app • Blackboard • Blu-Ray • CD: compact disc • CD-ROM: all caps, hyphenated • chatroom: one word • Cloud Computing • cybersecurity • cyberterrorism • database: one word • email • eLearning • homepage: one word • Internet service provider (ISP) • iPad • laptop: one word • listserv • log on • Macintosh: no internal cap • offline, online: no hyphens • PC: personal computer (plural: PCs) • PowerPoint • real time (n.); real-time (adj.) • smartboard • smartphone • the cloud • URL: uniform resource locator • videoconferencing • webcam • WebSTAR • Wi-Fi • wordprocessor, -ing: one word • World Wide Web, the web, website, BUT web page See also the individual entries for many of these terms. Congressman, Congresswoman Avoid these. Representative or U.S. representative is preferred. See also sexism. continual vs. continuous continual: recurring in steady succession continuous: never ending/uninterrupted co-op Although the word cooperative is written without hyphenation, its abbreviated form is hyphenated to prevent confusion with the word coop. copyedit, copywrite, copywriter One word copy editor Two words couple Don’t drop the of in such phrases as a couple of mistakes. coursework One word cross country No hyphen, two words See also sports terms. currently Use this word to mean now—as opposed to the word presently, which means soon. • Currently, I am working on my master’s degree; I expect to finish it presently. curricula, curriculums The preferred plural of curriculum according to MW is curricula. Curriculums is listed only as a secondary option. curriculum vitae (singular), curricula vitae (plural)