NSU Publications Style Manual

9 Don’t capitalize these elements. Job titles that follow a proper name • Ray Ferrero, Jr., chancellor of NSU, has a background in law. Freestanding job titles • George L. Hanbury II is the president of NSU. • The committee will include all NSU deans. • Who is chair of the board of trustees? • She is an adjunct professor. Temporary, role-denoting epithets/occupational titles (as opposed to formal titles) • biology professor Jim Smith, astronaut John Glenn Informal references to offices or departments as distinguished from their official names • the college, the business college, academic services department Majors, minors, and areas of specialization • biology major, psychology minor, legal assistant studies specialty • M.S. in Education with a specialization in reading Degrees and degree programs, other than the official, formal name of an academic program • NSU offers more than 15 doctoral programs. • I’m going for a bachelor’s degree in psychology. • I am in the Master of Public Health Program. Areas of study • I’m taking two history courses. • Are you interested in business and entrepreneurship? Grades within NSU University School • Students in grade 1 have progressed well this year. An introductory the preceding the name of a school or organization • the Farquhar Honors College, the Office of Institutional Advancement UNLESS it is part of the proper official name • The Florida Bar, The Bar, The NSU Glass Garden Seasons or school terms • spring 1998, fall term See also seasons. Academic years • freshman, sophomore, junior, senior See also first-year student and freshman. Generic names of buildings on campus or general references to the university, colleges, clusters, sites, etc. • library, residence hall, field house Generic titles of forms • student transaction form, financial aid form, application form The word black to designate race See nationality and race. Adjectives designating regions of the United States • southern, eastern, midwestern Althoughmost religious and secular holidays are capitalized, holidays that are descriptive of an event are not • The library will close for both Memorial Day and Christmas Eve. • The President’s inauguration day follows New Year’s Day. capstone Capitalize only when referring to the full name of the program. • the Capstone Review Program at NSU Lowercase as a modifier. • She completed the capstone paper. cell phone Two words century Lowercase child care, day care, elder care, Two words See also health care.