Student Life Achievement Awards | 2021

B Good evening and welcome to the 23rd annual Student Life Achievement Awards. Although this past year has been very challenging and filled with uncertainty; NSU has persevered. Our students and faculty and staff members are committed to the university’s mission through support, ingenuity, and compassion for our community and for each other. We have shown great resilience in creating new traditions; virtual connections; and alternate, safe ways to keep our students engaged, in and out of the classroom. The Student Life Achievement Awards, established in the spring of 1998, purposefully recognize members of the NSU community who have distinguished themselves during the academic year. Since 1998, thousands have been nominated for this prestigious award, known affectionately as Stuey. Tonight, you will witness the best and brightest that NSU has to offer. You will see and get to know candidates who have been nominated by their university peers for powerfully living the university’s eight core values and keeping our Shark pride and spirit strong. In science, a nova is the brightest of all shining stars. It glows white hot and can be seen throughout the universe. Please join me in congratulating our NSU shining stars. It is by the efforts of individuals like them that NSU will soon be recognized throughout the land as a preeminent research university of quality and distinction. Sincerely, Brad A. Williams, Ed.D. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies Nova Southeastern University Welcome You can attend class and receive a degree, or you can become involved and receive an education.