Return of the Sharks: Student Guidelines

16 As of June 26, 2020 17 Cleaning and Disinfecting Provisions Best-practice measures are in place to clean, sanitize, and disinfect NSU facilities and spaces on a daily or more frequent basis. Special attention will be taken with high-contact areas such as door handles, buttons, chair armrests, tabletops, handrails, podiums, light switches, trash receptacles, elevator buttons, drinking fountains, and vending machines. High-use, public spaces will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Additional hand sanitizers and hygiene stations have been installed, and signage is in place to reinforce required physical distancing and proper personal hygiene. In addition to relying on the scheduled cleaning/disinfecting schedule, some of you may personally wish to disinfect classroom surfaces you might touch, including classroom tabletops, chair armrests, and computer workstations. Therefore, NSU will also provide a supply of disinfecting wipes or cleaning materials in classrooms for personal use by faculty and students using those learning spaces. Elevators Consider stairs whenever possible. Occupancy on elevators should be limited. Please follow signage provided. Face coverings are required while on campus and when using elevators. Avoid touching elevator buttons with exposed hands or fingers when possible. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon departing the elevator. Restrooms Use of restrooms should be considered based on how large the restroom is and how many people are using it at the same time. Your goal is to ensure proper physical distancing. Please use your best judgment. If the restroom is too full for safe use, wait outside in the hallway and observe physical distancing. Be sure to avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or face while in the restroom and always wash your hands properly with soap and water before you exit, using a paper towel or other covering on faucets and doors as you depart. Safety Practices for Classes & the Learning Environment The 2020-2021 academic year will require a significant amount of flexibility so that NSU can continue to offer its usual array of in-person, fully online, and hybrid (part online-part in-person) programs at all of our campus locations. At the same time, we must have special provisions in place to accommodate the pandemic conditions of today—while also having ready contingency plans should conditions change. We will accomplish this while delivering to our students a quality educational, research, and clinical experience that provides for their successful graduation and prepares them for their chosen careers. Our fully online courses continue as always this fall, as do most of our hybrid programs. However, with the plan to resume in-person classes, labs, research, and clinical programs this fall, a number of provisions have been put in place to address the health and safety of the NSU community, following federal, state, and local public health guidelines. Specifics for each course or setting will vary, and you will hear more from your college about in-person program specifics or exceptions. Below are some of the practices you will see in place. In-Person Classes NSU is planning to use the BlendFlex model for the majority of its course offerings. This model simultaneously offers face- to-face and online delivery of instruction. NSU BlendFlex courses include a portion of the students attending in a traditional classroom setting, while the remaining students attending from a remote location using videoconferencing type technologies, including Zoom, as well as Canvas. There may be certain programs that do not lend themselves to the BlendFlex model, including courses requiring experiential learning, such as those containing laboratory and clinical components. Students should consult directly with their programs for further information regarding their course delivery model. Labs, Clinicals & Experiential Learning Our professors and deans remind us that some lab and clinical experiences cannot be adequately conducted remotely. Research courses may also require some special arrangements. If your schedule this fall includes such activities, you will receive word from your college or adviser with guidelines for these program elements. Also, you can access a specific guide for research activities at . | Return of the Sharks: Student Guidelines