Student Organization Handbook

B LETTER FROM THE DEAN OF STUDENTS Dear Student Leaders, Being a leader of NSU Law’s prestigious student organizations fulfills an important role. As a student organization leader, your efforts provide your NSU Law colleagues with opportunities to explore practice areas of interest, build a dynamic community with those similar and unfamiliar backgrounds, pursue extracurricular excellence, and create networks that will enrich your academic and professional pursuits. In your roles, you provide professional development opportunities students need to become effective lawyers. The impact you have on our community is immeasurable. Please use this handbook as a guide to answer most questions you might have about the administration of your organization. I know there will be issues that come up along the way, so as the dean of students, I am offering my support to assist you. I also welcome your feedback on areas of concern for your members and all students. Thank you for your service to NSU Law. Best wishes for a successful school year. Be well, Kamilah Clark Kamilah Clark, J.D. Dean of Students