Student Organization Handbook

16 The College of Law will impose sanctions, including warnings and referral for counseling, in response to any of the following incidents: • the use of illicit drugs • underage possession or consumption of alcohol • serving alcohol to underage individuals • possession in quantity or the sale or distribution of drugs See more on NSU’s Alcohol and Illicit Drug Policy at /policies/alcohol_policy.html. BUILDING OPERATIONS STUDENT ORGANIZATION WEB PAGE NSU Law offers web pages to promote the good work of your organization. For the sake of uniformity and clarity, each web page will follow a template. Please keep your web page current by providing a high-resolution logo for your organization. Please note all logos must be approved by NSU marketing. The organization president (or designee) must review the organization’s web page prior to September 1 to keep the content, adviser, and board members current. Please send all updates to the dean of students. STORAGE UNITS Storage cabinets are made available to College of Law student organizations. To reserve a storage cabinet, the organization’s president must sign the Student Organization Cabinet Policy and agree to the terms of usage. (See Appendix G.) The individual who is assigned a cabinet key on behalf of an organization is responsible for turning in the cabinet key as soon as that person is no longer the representative of the organization. Failure to return the key promptly may result in a key charge of $150 on the student account, and failure to pay the account may result in a hold. OFF-CAMPUS REGULATIONS (continued)