Student Organization Handbook

10 NSU ACCOUNTS PAYABLE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES • Miscellaneous charges for tips, tolls, and other miscellaneous charges require itemized receipts. • Miscellaneous tips to porters, bellhops, and other service personnel are reimbursable without a receipt if $15 or less per trip. • Each traveler, if traveling by air, must attach his or her used airline ticket stub to the Travel Expense Report and include the cost of the airfare on the report. • Please obtain and submit a hotel receipt with a day-by-day breakdown, even if the cost was prepaid. The hotel charges must be listed daily on the Travel Expense Report. CAR RENTALS Trips to destinations in excess of 300 miles should not be made by automobile unless • three or more travelers share a van • baggage is too cumbersome to carry on a plane • frequent stops are made Reservations for car rentals should be made through the university travel office, as NSU receives discounts on corporate use. Vehicles may be rented when • local transportation is not available • schedules do not permit the use of local transportation • the cost of local transportation equals or exceeds the cost of renting a car If taxicabs must be used (seriously consider a rental car, because the cost is usually less), then original, reasonable receipts are required and must be listed daily on the Travel Expense Report. If a hotel shuttle is available, then the shuttle should be used. Every effort must be made to minimize the cost of taxicabs. Reimbursement will only be processed for justified trips to and from any scheduled conference or competition event. Solo and unnecessary cab costs are not reimbursable.