SGA Rounds - Summer 2015, Vol 1, Issue 3

I want to begin by congratulat- ing all of you for making it through the year—we did it! Many of you just took your boards and are mov- ing forward onto the clinical portion of medical school while the rest of you are progressing into the final year of your basic sciences. This is an exciting time for all of us. As future osteopathic physicians, we take an oath to do no harm, to be loyal to our profession and to the teachers of our art, to do always what is in the best interest of the students that are to enter the pro- fession after us. It is in our osteo- pathic DNA to give back. I am so happy to see that this is beginning here at the student level. In this issue of SGA Rounds , you will find an article from OMS- III Ricky Patel regarding the transi- tion from boards to wards. Another interesting article was submitted by OMS-III Jason Faucheux, who wrote about OMS-III Rita Zeidan and the academic reviews she holds for the first-year students, which benefit a different charity each time. In addition, a new sec- tion was created to highlight stu- dent achievements, which includes items such as being elected or ap- pointed to a national board posi- tion, presenting research at a conference, or being published. In light of our expansion and new additions to the student newsletter, I have recently re- cruited Dr. Traci-lyn Eisenberg to serve as our faculty editor. We are so thrilled to have her on board. Not only is she an NSU-COM alumna, she also is one of the stu- dents’ favorite professors. I am also excited to welcome the NSU Health Professions Division graphic designer, Brandee Evans, to the team. As you may have im- mediately noticed, we have a new look. As always, Scott Colton and Debra Gibbs from the Office of Medical Communications and Public Relations have helped with this issue tremendously. I hope you enjoy this edition of SGA Rounds . Please do not hesi- tate to contact me at should you have any concerns or suggestions. On May 15, I had the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony of our fourth-year medical students, where 237 students graduated to become full osteopathic physicians, including one D.O./D.M.D. gradu- ate. Remarkably, only four short years ago, I was one of those grad- uates looking out into a bright fu- ture. It is amazing how time flies. In those years, I have been through internship, residency, and now I sit here, as a faculty member of the same osteopathic medical school that trained me. To the third years, congratula- tions! You are about to enter what was for me the most exciting time of medical school because third- year rotations were the most fun year for me. It is finally the opportu- nity to take what you have been taught and learned over the past two years and apply it. Those dis- eases and conditions you have been reading about come to life in real patients and situations. You can hone your examination and in- terpersonal skills and take advan- tage of all of these opportunities afforded to you. It is a wonderful time in your medical career, and I know you all will be successful. To the new second years, I look forward to another successful year with you all and hope we can con- tinue to build the foundation toward you all becoming great doctors. Lastly, I would like to thank you all for the honor of being the fac- ulty editor of this newsletter. As a graduate of Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, it is through student involvement that we thrive and grow—and this newsletter is one of the perfect examples of that growth. Letter from the EDITOR IN CHIEF Faculty EDITOR’S MESSAGE Dear Fellow Future Physicians and Faculty/Staff Members, By Saamia Shaikh OMS-III and First-Year Law Student By Traci-lyn Eisenberg, D.O. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine