NSU Research Brief FY 2012

SPONSORED FUNDING The university’s sponsored funding for research, community service, and teaching/training activities totaled $82,202,842 for FY 2012. The FY 2012 total represents a 7 percent increase in sponsored funding over the previous fiscal year. Of the FY 2012 total, 66 percent—or $53,969,358— supports research and 60 percent—or $49,675,271—is funded by the federal government. The university is receiving funding from 100 agencies and organizations. The Oceanographic Center is the largest recipient of sponsored funding with 49 percent of the total, followed by 15 percent to the College of Osteopathic Medicine and 9 percent to the College of Dental Medicine. In FY 2012, there were 166 proposals processed through the NSU Office of Sponsored Programs. CLINICAL RESEARCH LEADING THERAPEUTIC AREAS BY ACADEMIC UNIT College of Dental Medicine—implantology and emerging procedures, dentifrices, and herbal therapies College of Osteopathic Medicine—neuroimmune disorders and women’s health College of Optometry—contact lenses, glaucoma, and pediatric vision College of Pharmacy—nutraceuticals and medication adherence through e technologies Mailman Segal Center for Human Development— nutraceutical intervention NSU TECHNOLOGIES NSU is able to recognize high-potential technologies, assess their technical and commercial feasibility, secure patent protection, and conduct transactions with commercialization partners for the ultimate benefit of the public. NSU technologies ready for commercialization include • Novel Cancer Therapeutics • Dental Regenerative Medicine • Fall Prediction Model • Gene Therapy for Cancer • Gene Therapy for Prevention of Heart Failure • Novel Drug Target for High Blood Pressure • Small-Molecule Cancer Therapeutics • Microencapsulated Drugs • Advanced Dental Materials • Novel Stem Cell Line • Optical System for Contact Lens Refraction • Mouthwash for Halitosis • Sublingual Tablet for Anaphylaxis • Authentication Software and Method