NSU Residential Living Guide 2023-2024

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 9 2023–2024 RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 8 a good roommate relationship. If roommate issue doesn’t get resolved by your RA or professional Residence Life Staff, roommate issues can be resolved through a meeting with a member of Student Mediation Services which offers professional and confidential mediation services, individualized conflict coaching, and more. For more information on mediation services please contact the Graduate Assistant for Mediation at studentconduct@nova.edu Educational Conduct Process It is the University’s philosophy that students are responsible adults. You are responsible for knowing and maintaining university rules and policies. The university staff is responsible for upholding regulations in order to maintain an environment that is safe and conducive to study, but it is to your advantage to avoid problems before they begin. An attitude of “How does what I’m doing affect others?” will build a community of residents who regulate themselves, therefore, ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected. If policies are violated, students will go through an educational conduct system. More information is available at nova.edu/studentconduct. Counseling Services College students are in a transitional period in their lives and dealing with many things, such as relationship issues and stress. The NSU Center for Student Counseling and Well-Being is located in the Student Affairs Building, 3rd floor, 3300 S. University Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 333282004 and is free of charge to students and offers excellent services to the student population. The Graduate Assistant for Student Counseling is a master level counselor and a doctoral student in the college of psychology and is also free. The office is located in Mako Hall, Room 231C. Safety and Security The safety and security of the residential population is our primary concern. The staff provides an on-call duty system as well as collaborating with Public Safety, (954) 2628999, and Davie Police Officers, (954) 693-8200, assigned to the NSU campus. All residents and The Residential Experience Living in university housing is one of the most notable experiences associated with being in college. While the primary function of NSU’s residence halls is to provide students a place to sleep and study, the Residence Life and University Housing staff are committed to making our halls genuine living/learning centers for today’s students. Your residence hall is your home, a place to relax and enjoy yourself in an atmosphere appropriate for studying. The Office of Residence Life encourages an integrated learning community for residential students that supports the student affairs mission to foster student success and a university community. The above mission and goals are met through the following: Community Life Living in the residence halls provides a unique opportunity to live with a diverse peer group. You, the resident, are the most influential factor in your community. As such, you, along with your floor mates, will create guidelines for community life. If conflicts do arise, speak with other community members first. Your RA will mentor the floor and assist in the facilitation of community guidelines when needed. Your RA will also come by to check in and see how things are going. In addition, the Residence Life staff provides quality engagement opportunities to enhance your overall NSU experience. These engagement opportunities also give you an opportunity to meet, learn outside the classroom, and relax with your peers. Residential Mediation For many of you, this is the first time you will have a roommate. You and your roommate will create a roommate agreement with RA’s. However, you and your roommate are individuals, with particular interests, goals, likes, and dislikes. If conflicts do arise, speak with your roommate first; talk a problem through before it becomes a major conflict. If this step is not successful, then you should talk with your RA. Your RA is trained and experienced in dealing with these problems and should be able to assist you with developing working to find common ground and mutually agreed upon expectations/agreements It is not necessary to share every aspect of college life together. Whether or not you develop a lifelong friendship with your roommate, learning to accept each other’s differences without infringing on one another’s rights can be a valuable part of your education. Respect for those you live with are expectations of living at NSU. Remember, developing a good relationship is a process. It does not take place overnight; it takes time and effort. Here are a few hints to help you become a good roommate. Communicate Sit down and talk about habits, preferences, moods, and values at the beginning of the semester. Even if you room with your “best friend,” you may be surprised to find out some things you did not know about them. If conflicts arise, such as one roommate studying late or another playing the stereo too loud, do not let your frustration build. Talk about your concerns in order to come to a mutual understanding. Although it may be awkward at first to talk about these issues, you may prevent hurt feelings later by laying ground rules early. Asking and discussing these issues first, before proceeding with an action, can result in greater trust and respect. staff are required to use their NSU SharkCards to gain access to the parking lots and buildings. Within all NSU residence halls, students are required to sign in their guests via the lobby front desks and scan their SharkCard upon entering the building 24 hours a day. All residents are required to carry their NSU SharkCard and use them to enter the building. All halls are equipped with security cameras and students need to play their part to assist us with creating a safe environment. You, the resident, are our security assistant: please do not prop doors, leave your doors unlocked, or bring guests you do not know well into the halls. Please make sure to report any suspicious behavior or concerns to a Residence Life or Public Safety staff member immediately. Living with a Roommate Living with another person has so much potential for personal growth. Most people enjoy the company of others, and a roommate can be one with whom you share opinions, interests, and good times. However, sharing a room can sometimes result in a few problems. Moving away from home, where you may have had your own room and bathroom, and into a room that you now share with someone else may require adjustment for both you and your roommate. Experience shows that successful roommate relationship are built on open communication and