NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 39 Appeal Process An appeal of disciplinary action taken must be in within five (5) business days of the receipt of the written disposition of the hearing. In appealing a judicial decision, the appeal must fall into one of the following categories: y y The student has new evidence that was not available prior to the original hearing or would substantially alter the outcome of the case. The matter will be returned to the discipline officer for reconsideration. y y The judicial process as outlined was not adhered to during the student’s hearing. y y The sanction (s) do not relate appropriately to the violation. Appeals shall be heard by designated appeal officers. The appellate officer shall not be the same conduct/discipline officer that heard the original case. The decision of the appellate officer will be final. For appeals of disciplinary action taken by individual colleges, centers, or schools, please consult the academic section of this handbook related to this area and/or academic dean or designee. Parent/Legal Guardian Notification NSU personnel reserve the right to contact or notify a student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a minor student, less than 21 years of age, in writing or by phone, when alcohol or drug violations of university policy occur, or when NSU personnel determine a student’s safety and/or welfare is at risk. Failure to Complete Required Sanction(s) If a student fails to complete community service hours and/or designated projects by the deadline stated with the sanction, additional judicial action may be taken. This additional action may result in the student account being placed on hold, parental contact, and/or the termination of housing or more severe sanctions up to and including expulsion from the university. Notification of University Personnel University personnel will utilize administrative discretion and may decide to contact other University Officials, such as counseling staff, athletics staff, or academic department administrators, regarding student conduct or judicial issues.