NSU Residential Living Guide 2023-2024

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 35 2023–2024 RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 34 ƒ Motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, and petroleum-powered all-terrain vehicles are prohibited within residence hall common areas/rooms/ apartments. These motor vehicles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking lots, away from the residence halls. ƒ Candles, incense, and any other item with an open flame are prohibited. ƒ Fireworks, combustibles, ammunition, torches, gasoline canisters, and other explosives are prohibited without the written approval of the appropriate University authority. ƒ Any 50-watt to 125-watt light stands with white or colors plastic covers. ƒ Space heaters of any kind are strictly prohibited. Visitation and Overnight Guests Policies In order to ensure adequate security in the residence halls, students and guests will be required to present identification upon request. Guests may visit residents’ rooms only by invitation and being signed in at the front desk by the resident. Residents shall at all times be responsible for the conduct and actions of guests. Guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times. A resident shall be permitted to entertain guests only with the expressed permission of their roommate(s) if the roommate is present. A resident can only have 3 guests signed in at once. All guests must be resigned in after every 24 hour period. Dress standards must be observed, For purposes of this policy, “smoking” is defined as inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying, or possessing any lighted tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and any other lit tobacco products. For the purposes of this policy, “tobacco use” is defined as the personal use of any tobacco product, whether intended to be lit or not, which shall include smoking as defined above, as well as the use of an electronic cigarette or any other device intended to simulate smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco, including snuff; chewing tobacco; smokeless pouches; or any other form of looseleaf, smokeless tobacco; as well as the use of unlit cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Unauthorized Hazardous Items In order to comply with county and municipal fire and safety regulations, the following items are prohibited: ƒ Barbecue grills, open coil burners, and other cooking apparatus shall not be used or kept on landings, stairwells, or in student rooms. ƒ Multi-outlet electrical plugs that are attached to a permanent outlet are not permitted at any time (with the exception of surge protectors). ƒ All electrical appliances must be attached directly to a permanent outlet or into an approved extension cord. ƒ The possession or use of gasoline or flammable petroleum products, and canned heat units, within the residence hall living units, is prohibited. This also includes charcoal and lighter fluids. This includes but is not limited to: firearms, ammunition, fireworks (including sparklers and smoke bombs), explosives, dangerous/ flammable chemicals (liquids, solvents, gases), BB/pellet guns, airsoft guns, weapons for sport (including paintball guns, bow and arrows, diving knives, hunting weapons, etc.), stun guns, swords, switchblades, knives, slingshots, martial arts and medieval weapons. For more information on the policies mandated by Public Safety, please see Firearms or Other Weapons Strictly Prohibited on Campus on page 5 of the Campus Safety Handbook at https:// www.nova.edu/publicsafety/forms/campus_ safety_handbook.pdf. All students and guests residing in Nova Southeastern University residence halls are expected to abide by all policies and regulations outlined in the NSU student handbook and the Residence Living Guide Addendum. Residents are also responsible to be aware of any changes made to policy throughout the year. Notifications of changes to the NSU Student Handbook or the Residence Living Guide Addendum will be communicated through the on-campus mail or e-mail system and the most updated copy of these documents can be found on the NSU website. Nova Southeastern University reserves the right to amend, modify, add to, or delete its rules, policies, and procedures without notice, affecting its institutional relationship with students as deemed necessary by the administration. Any such amendment, modification, addition, or deletion shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between the university and the student. Such right includes modification to academic requirements, curriculum, tuition, and/or fees when in the judgment of the administration such changes are required in the exercise of its educational responsibility. which means appropriate attire at all times. The residence hall staff and university public safety have the right to ask a guest to leave at any time. A resident who allows a guest to visit that has been “banned” from visiting in the residence halls or surrounding grounds may be subject to conduct action. No guest(s) may be in possession of resident keys/cards at any time, for any reason. Any guest found using a resident’s key or card will result in a conduct meeting between the Area Coordinator of the residence hall and involved parties. University staff has the right to ask for the Sharkcard from guests using a residents card within the Residence halls. The Residence Life staff is authorized to impose an administrative charge upon the assigned occupant(s) of a residence of $25 per night for each overnight guest or sponsors who are in violation of the visitation and overnight guest policy. An overnight guest is considered to be a visitor utilizing the room of a resident student as a place of lodging. Residents may have a guest stay overnight for a maximum period not to exceed three days (72 hours) per month with the permission of the resident’s roommate if the roommate is present. Residents are not permitted to have overnight guests during vacation periods when classes are not in session for more than the aforementioned three-day period. The number of overnight guests permitted should not exceed the number of University beds in a room or an apartment. The resident accepts full responsibility for the overnight guests. Any guest under the age of 18 must be approved to stay in advance of their stay by your respective Area Coordinator. Request for guests under the age of 18 to stay overnight (past 11:59 p.m.) must be presented in writing to the Director/Associate Director of Residence Life. Weapons Weapons are prohibited on campus. A weapon includes: ƒ Any item designed to inflict a wound or cause injury to another person ƒ Any item used to harass, threaten, intimidate, assault, or commit battery ƒ Any item the university deems dangerous.